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    1. Troy says:

      No Message. Called back and system said venture data research, One of our agents called you for a political survey

    2. Alton says:

      Man says he will help me get something scheduled

    3. Silas says:

      best not to answer this call

    4. Milo says:

      Got one call at 1 PM today, looked it up here and that let me know it's a spammer. I then got another call at 4 PM today, listened to pre-recorded nonsense about lowering my credit card rates and hit 1 to get a person. Told the person to please put me on your do not call list and hung up. Twenty measly minutes later, they called again, I did the same thing and told the guy that I'd just told them to put me on their list and he assured me I had not. Filed complaint with FCC. Yeah right, I'm making it up. Jerk.

    5. Lesley says:

      I have been receiving a number of calls from unknown numbers over the last couple of days and always from different phone numbers. I answered one of them and it was a man, sounded East Indian, wanting to know if I was interested in higher education. I said NO and hung up.

    6. Earle says:

      I recently put my name on the do not call list. Seem like now im getting more calls than before. I get 5 calls a day from 112-726-8458. Tryed to call the number back and get a busy signal.

    7. Robt says:

      Spam txt message.It's free to Save!If you would like to receive up to 15 percent discount off your Gas & Electric bills?Reply "LOWER"Reply "STOP" to opt out.

    8. Benedict says:

      I was going through the missed calls on my cell phone and when I googled this number, all of you folks came up . I don't answer unknown calls - EVER - but when I have a chance, I look them up. Then I save the number in my cell directory under "PEST - IGNORE" so when it calls again, it has an identity. So then I know not to bother with it ever again. I have no idea how these people get cell numbers - are they just dialing at random? Or maybe they buy a block of cell numbers to dial, thinking anyone with a cell phone is probably in debt. Anyway - hope this helps someone.

    9. Clair says:

      got a call from this #, as soon as I said hello, they hung up.  I too am on a do not call list along with having a private unlisted number. The phone companies or maybe even the FTC should find out who is using this. very disturbing.

    10. Elijah says:

      The said I asked for info from them which was not true. If you call the number back it says it has been disconnected but it keeps calling me.

    11. Dion says:

      Just had a missed call from this number.  No voicemail.

    12. Emanuel says:

      Bryan Russell - hang up, scammer called at 3:25 PM today.

    13. Warren says:

      We received the same message on our answering machine calling from the Prize Notification Department and that we had won $25,000 or a Hybrid--Uh Ha didn't enter a Sweepstakes and Whatever Good News and Congratulations funny how they don't even know who they are calling they don't even know your name OMG there just seems to be more and more scams out there everyone beware. Thanks Alex from the Prize Notification Department caller id showed Chicago il also--- I wish there were some way to shut these fools down for good--Kudo's to whomever is able to do so!!!

    14. Peter says:

      he keeps texing after i told him not tu

    15. Wilbert says:

      (they?) called my cell phone, only let it ring twice then hung up. Pretty sure its one of those "companies" trying to scam you for some $$$, a***oles need to f*** off with their b***s***