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    1. Myles says:

      It was all in spanish and don't know what was said

    2. Randolph says:

      Called at 7:20 a.m. and didn't leave a message.

    3. Ernie says:

      stupid biz opp spammers - 2nd call from them....leaves msg to call 503-389-2156 for more info.

    4. Adalberto says:

      stop txting & calling me

    5. Earle says:

      Got a call, this number was on the caller ID.  The guy asked if I was home but then when my wife said yes, he did not respond.  When she asked after a moment if he needed to talk to me, he got mad and started blathering on about phone edicate and how it's assumed that when you ask if someone is home that they should put them on.  He then hung up.  The caller ID number is a spoof number and not where the call comes from,  If you dial it, it tells you the number has been disconnected.

    6. Leo says:

      two calls in sequence  at midday

    7. Jean says:

      they call and when you answer they hang up.. you call back it's disconnected

    8. Horacio says:

      Did any of you apply to meijers??? I think it might b them????

    9. Cody says:

      Didnt answer call I kno its from illinois

    10. Sylvester says:

      SPAM MESSAGE! I got the following message (I removed the link):You've just been Selected to Win the New iPad3! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto *SCAM LINK.com* and the code 7777 will Recieve it!

    11. Ron says:

      I have received numerous calls from 1-126-976-8204 during the month of October and now November.  A voice mail is never left and if I answer no one response.  I consider this harrassment.  Please let me know who is calling.

    12. Landon says:

      This number called and a lady told me she was calling regarding my Chevrolet Malibu, she had been reviewing my file. When I questioned who she was calling for, she responded an Auto Service and hung up. When I redialed the number, I was advised that the number was not in service.

    13. Lucas says:

      Called me twice already!!! STOP!! Seems like they're trying to collect a debt. I don't have ANY debts!

    14. Curtis says:

      randomly calls/txts escorts to harass them

    15. Danny says:

      Calling and scheduling an appointment, then his friends text me random stuff. I call the guy back, and ask to speak to his so-called friends who are texting me. He hangs up. Complete waste of time.