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    1. Clarence says:

      payday Ioan's masking their number to appear as local area codes.

    2. Giovanni says:

      Junk call for merchant services that I DID NOT ASK FOR!!

    3. Grover says:

      google voice has the option to block numbers....its really cool. If you choose to block a number, it tells the caller "the number you have reached is disconnected or no longer in service".....Its too cool

    4. Osvaldo says:

      Got a call, they asked for me and then hung up... adding to block list

    5. Myles says:

      It was all in spanish and don't know what was said

    6. Randolph says:

      Called at 7:20 a.m. and didn't leave a message.

    7. Ernie says:

      stupid biz opp spammers - 2nd call from them....leaves msg to call 503-389-2156 for more info.

    8. Adalberto says:

      stop txting & calling me

    9. Earle says:

      Got a call, this number was on the caller ID.  The guy asked if I was home but then when my wife said yes, he did not respond.  When she asked after a moment if he needed to talk to me, he got mad and started blathering on about phone edicate and how it's assumed that when you ask if someone is home that they should put them on.  He then hung up.  The caller ID number is a spoof number and not where the call comes from,  If you dial it, it tells you the number has been disconnected.

    10. Leo says:

      two calls in sequence  at midday

    11. Jean says:

      they call and when you answer they hang up.. you call back it's disconnected

    12. Ty says:

      Got a call from this number showing on my missed calls. It's the second time this week they've tried to get me. Just wondering who or what company it is....

    13. Elton says:

      I keep getting a call from this number, a man leaves a message saying he is Patrick Martin and says its about a legal case against me, but won't state what exactly it is about it.  He asked that I call him back, so I do and I always get someone else, they take a message, I told them to have him call me and that I want all the details of what this is about.  He calls and still says the same thing, and this man has a foreign accent, hard to understand him, and says that I committed a crime.  How could I have committed a crime in Seattle, WA.  I live in NY.

    14. Clay says:

      Spam call to my CELL from upstate NY. My VM just caught this much. "...6% on all your credit card accounts. The only requirement is you must owe at least 3000.00 between all your credit card accounts and have one in good standing. Press 1 now to speak to a friendly customer services agent." Called back and got a "mailbox belonging to this # is full" message. No surprise there.

    15. Horacio says:

      Did any of you apply to meijers??? I think it might b them????