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  • 305-978-5771
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  • 305-978-5773
  • 305-978-5774
  • 305-978-5775
  • 305-978-5776
  • 305-978-5777
  • 305-978-5778
  • 305-978-5779
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  • 305-978-5781
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    1. Buster says:

      Hey its a free dinner and I get an mp3 player.  I am only going for that reason.  I got the same confirmation call and it was from storesonline.com.

    2. Floyd says:

      A creditor who wanted me to pay a bill I will pay it once I finish paying off a current one I will use profound language if they call again

    3. Dustin says:

      This person is calling my cell phone and office.

    4. Giovanni says:

      i very well may know this person please be careful.

    5. Jospeh says:

      late night calls and hangs up

    6. Gonzalo says:

      Recording asking for someone other than me that's called every day for a few weeks now.

    7. Leroy says:

      the call is originating from the "beloit daily news" in Beloit,WI.I went to this company and told them if I receive one more call from them that they would find themselves on the internet.........you guessed it,they didn't take the hint.So that being said here is what you need---

    8. Darrick says:

      Called 11/30/10 at 8:40 pm... Telemarketer attempting a survey on my recent call to Directv. They may be a vendor survey center for various companies.

    9. Hoyt says:

      They called me saying that I won money from Wal-mart and were playing recordings. When the said they were gonna transfer me to a verifacation department It sound like the guy I was talking to got off the phone and someone else ran over and picked up the phone and started talking. Nothing like a transfer. I hung up and they called me back sveral times and I answer and he said it was the last time he was gonna try and help me and started gettin real pushy and telling what to say when the recording he was gonna play would ask me questions. It seemed so much like a scam I checked my account online immediately and call my bank and made them aware. I called the number that they called me from and pressed 2 to talk to a real live person and it sent me to a full voice mail and hung up the phone. DON'T TELL THEM ANYTHING!!!!!

    10. Malcolm says:

      they called twice this evening AND DIDN'T leave a message.

    11. Tracey says:

      when was the last time you saw her?And the last time you had a 3 some with her?

    12. Willian says:

      They call at all hours of the day and say nothing

    13. Demetrius says:

      A man with the name of Mr. Scanti called. from ACS. It's regarding an account. No other details given. Asked that he must be contacted by 4PM EST.

    14. Jessie says:

      This guy says he is from the FDA and is trying to collect money. BE CAREFUL!!! Call the FBI!!! Posing as a federal agent is a crime.

    15. Danial says:

      He sells cocaine nd doesn't have a job