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    1. Geoffrey says:

      I get a call daily from this number. Most of the times I ignore it but I have, on about a half dozen occasions.

    2. Nelson says:

      Caller Id said "delivery notice". It's a line we only use for fax.

    3. Nestor says:

      Call from John Lockwood about a "credit reference" then disclosed he was a collection agency.

    4. August says:

      thankyou vary much you are correct its not discover its an affilated telamarketer.

    5. Brock says:

      unknown text messages from this number ... Just says "Hi"

    6. Arden says:

      A man named Jack Johnson (who does not speak very good english) called me today and told me that I have 3 felony's against my Social Security #, he told me to call the # back and ask for extension 175 and talk to Ronny Cooper the case manager assigned to my case so that he can let me know the charges and help me get an attorney, but I just got a job and they did a background check and nothing came back on my background check so I know it's a scam..... they call me about every 10 all day everyday trying to get me to call them back..... when they leave a message on your machine they say that it is time sensitive and that if they do not hear back from you or your attorney all they can do is wish you good luck..... PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS

    7. Jerrell says:

      Some gal called looking for Habitat For Humanity. She sounded disoriented!

    8. Christopher says:

      Threathing me and harrassing me !!!

    9. Carol says:

      I got the same call i reported them to several different departments! Hope it helps.

    10. Cyrus says:

      They won't remodel any home.All they want is your credit card and bank account number. Block that number and see if you get another call from another number today, tomorrow or in the near future.

    11. Jamey says:

      You have won a wal-mart gift card, I already deleted the message, so I am not sure what all else it said.

    12. Orval says:

      Got a call on my cell from this number today at 14:30 oct. 13 2010

    13. Bennie says:

      They are female and their first name is Vanessa

    14. Sammie says:

      I have received a call from the number 131-794-7499 twice today. The second time I answered, I heard talking in the background, then they hung up. Another extension is 7483. These are very annoying, and I have my number listed with the National Do Not Call Registry.

    15. Ken says:

      Providers of healthcare services to developmentally disabled individuals.