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    1. Tyree says:

      I received a call from this number. It was listed as an "Unknown Name" on the caller id. When I tried to call the number, it said that the call "could not be completed as dialed."

    2. Kristofer says:

      Got a text from this number "HI ____, I just reviewed your resume. If you're still looking for work in the Administrative field, please call me at 888-258-9946

    3. Arden says:

      I followed the advise from Barbara and it helped me to stop the calls; a do not call service at 307-223-0458. I gave them the calling phone number which they verified on their list and the receiving phone number to add to the do not call list. It's been a couple of days since and the calls have stopped.

    4. Leroy says:

      Something like 'This is your final notification that your vehicle's factory warranty is about to expire, press 2 to be taken off the follow up list or press one to speak to a person' I pressed two yesterday when they called. I pressed one today. After I asked them who they were, they hung up on me.

    5. Virgil says:

      Had numerous calls from this number today, no messages, just calls!

    6. Barton says:

      Spammer keeps calling and does not leave a message.

    7. Moshe says:

      this number is harassing me threating me and messaging inapropirate and sexual messages. bothering me

    8. Moshe says:

      I've received more than 10 text messages from thses phoney banks or credit unions.  Is there any authority we could report this so they will go after these crooks?  If we couldn't crack these operations what is the purpose of all of these technical advances.

    9. Rickey says:

      He is also trying to do a Paypal scam with me right now

    10. Buster says:

      block this number 2674018418

    11. Jamey says:

      repaeted call from this number

    12. Guy says:

      calling abt a medical suit, etc...

    13. Henry says:

      Number calls noone answers, call back says diconnected number.

    14. Alan says:

      man called with strong accent (chinese accent/ japanese accent) extremely difficult to understand and followed by repeated calls also from a woman named angelina  who said she was from ontario (also had an a quick accent but more audible) kept telling him that I can't understand you and he would just ignore me and went on with what he wanted to talk about .. man claimed to be with our cable company but talked with company and nobody called from there... was trying to sell laptop fixing services that isn't even offered by our cable company, the man wouldn't give me any information about where he was calling from wouldn't give me a phone number to call him back at or his name.  his phone number showed up as

    15. Todd says:

      This number called at least a dozen times over the past couple of weeks at various times.  When I answer, no one responds.  When I hold onto the dead line it finally is disconnectted