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    1. Milton says:

      Received call to my cell phone. Said, "Call from ______, do you want to accept" and then disconnected. I called back and received answer of horrible quality message" disconnected. Called back and received prompt to press "2" to add number to "do not call list". Pressed two and entered number, said call was removed. If it's a scam, putting in my number might not have been the best thing.

    2. Elvis says:

      A woman sending naked pics of herself to my husband

    3. Lance says:

      Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been sexually abusing little boys at the Arizona immigration detention centers.

    4. Dario says:

      $4.90 charge on Feb 19 I was out of town and my card was at home!!!!!!Cost me over $25.00 to get a new card and overdraft fees!!!!!

    5. Max says:

      The individual owning this number Is constantly calling And threatening myself And family

    6. Seth says:

      This is scam so don't call u only callin fake number

    7. Genaro says:

      same thing here need to talk to you about a file on his desk

    8. Frederic says:

      "Dan" carpet cleaner called my cell phone.  I answered my cell.  After I said "hello" there was a short pause and then the following recording came on "Hello my name is Dan and I clean carpets".  I hung up immediately after I heard this.

    9. Percy says:

      The number you are trying to reach is no longer in service.

    10. Pasquale says:

      Calls atleast 3 times a day. I have just received my number and it is a new number.

    11. Terry says:

      had a car listed on line, this number texted us with the " will pay with paypal and pay your asking price and $500.00 more if you would send payment to shipper" asked for all our information , BEWARE of SCAMMER from this number

    12. Van says:


    13. Rodrick says:

      A woman and a man keep calling my home asking for my husbands x-wife who has been gone for 15 years.  I have asked many times they remove our number and not call again.  They keep calling.  My next step is to write everything down  and file a report at the police department which will include charges against the person calling.

    14. Cristopher says:

      All medical care facilities are regulated by law and there is a regulatory body in your state that does this. Abysmal care like your experience should be reported. I suggest asking the consumer protection division of your state's AG's office how to report.

    15. Aurelio says:

      might be someone you know calling you using Skype