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    1. Charley says:

      Follow up, after speaking with my local D.A. and the police giving the VIN number was not a risk. The Atty Gen is sending forms to complete.

    2. Bruno says:

      Insults me and calls 24/7

    3. Tory says:

      Called twice asking for the owner of the business.  Lady says she is calling for "her boss, Archie Cooper".  They only seem to know a first name and are not sure if our company is sole prop., partnership or corp.  Says it's a business matter but won't say any more.  Advised that call will never be transfered unless they can say what it's regarding.  Lady is calling in on an internal line and not the main line.

    4. Thomas says:

      Im an escort and he set me up he is a cop dnt answer r u will go to JAIL

    5. Clifton says:

      Called my cell phone using an auto dialer, when i answer i told the person i was not the one they are calling for and told her it was against the law to use a auto dialer to call cell phones, she got rude whne i would not give her information about my cell or myself,,, i hung up on them

    6. Burl says:

      Said, "lookin good on that walk yesterday ;D" but no reply when I asked who he is...

    7. Rosendo says:

      called ID showed 312 - 698-0241

    8. Paul says:

      PLAYS GAMES don't waste your time

    9. Aurelio says:

      Received a call from this number on my cell phone at 10:01 AM. I didn't answer and they did not leave a message. Blocked on my smart phone and after reading these reports here, reported to Texas State Attorney General's office and on DNC site.

    10. Abram says:

      # 985-792-2750 This is a collection agency calling in regards to a Morgan Chase credit card. The toll free number is 888-274-9985. The guy that I spoke with told me his name is Matt Lord and gave me a reference number to refer to when I called back.

    11. Deangelo says:

      Every couple of days - sometimes twice in one day, I get calls from this number (219) 728-5034. I answer and they hang up. IAccording to the web, this is a land line located in Chesterton. Since Frontier services this area, I called and complained to them, but the lady who took care of me said that no owner came up as available to her. She suggested that I call the FCC.

    12. Louie says:

      Missed call on my cell.  No message.

    13. Fred says:

      texting a young girl , trying to get her to run away

    14. Gerry says:

      U think its a game.....lmao u are sooooo done

    15. Maynard says:

      Two consecutive missed calls, no voicemail left