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    1. Tyron says:

      My number is 314-608-3633 This chick named CARABOO is a deranged chick that I met on a online dating site.  She actually gave me her address cuz i was gonna pick her up for a date.  But I changed my mind, when I showed up at her house, her 17 year old son answered and opened door,  the house seemed like a dope house to me so I immediately changed my mind & left. So I rejected her for that & now CARABOO is making up lies. Ive had this number for 8 years never had any issues with woman.

    2. Donn says:

      Congrats, you have beenselected $1000 Walmart gift card!ennter your zip @

    3. Denver says:

      Received a call around 0242 on 11/16/09 from 209-349-3802. Did not even get to our answering machine before it hung up. Very disturbing to get calls at that hour.

    4. Stacey says:

      Offering frees cruise to the Bahamas

    5. Otha says:

      i just want to know whos name is this number under?...thanks

    6. Eli says:

      Didn't answer. The caller id says "its"

    7. Hugo says:

      They are harrassing me!!!  They have called me 8 times in the last 2 days.  I try and answer and no one is there.  When I call back it goes to voicemail.  I am on the do not call list.

    8. Mario says:

      This is an investment company calling to get your money.

    9. Byron says:

      We got a call today from the same person (same phone number) at our church here in Columbia, SC. He was calling for a Bill and Sheila Stone. He said they were passing through Columbia and needed lodging. I left him a message after our pastor directed him to me. I'll post an update if he calls back.

    10. Doyle says:

      They keep trying to sell me stuff

    11. Buck says:

      This number called my house repeatedly also. Finally a woman who couldn't even speak English  responded. I told her to stop F**** calling!!!!  Members of my household were already scammed out of $1000.00 from scammers like this.  They are VERY confincing.

    12. Domingo says:

      Mark McDade a collector. Says he's with Dade Carroll & Associates. No idea who he is. The person he's looking for is not at this number. Says call back number is 800-355-0333.The caller ID is Tate & Kirkland Associates. Their number is 800-299-3600. Just call them back and tell them they have the wrong number. That usually works. I love the questions though if the name rings a bell! Ha.... especially when it's a newly assigned number. If they are rude or continue to call report them.

    13. Lorenzo says:

      I just got a call too, it said "unknown" on the caller id. I did not answer but thought it was an odd number.

    14. Henry says:

      don't call me again please!

    15. Harold says:

      Unknown caller he calls and hangs up allday errday