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    1. Luciano says:

      I was expecting a return call from my doctor, but when I answered... nothing but silence.

    2. Sergio says:

      Trying to use to call all over the USA with my number

    3. Ralph says:

      I would like to know who used that number

    4. Phillip says:

      Do not text my number anymore !!!

    5. Earle says:

      Number calls, I answer, they hang up. Tried to call back, number is disconnected.

    6. Marcus says:

      202-224-3121Washington in District of Columbia, District of Columbia

    7. Geoffrey says:

      I have been receiving calls from this number and most of the times when I answer NO BODY seems to be in the other side of the line but they wait for awhile before they hang up. In other ocassions they ask for names I don't happen to know and when I ask for more information about the person they asked for, they hang up... Do you have any idea who this could be,,,?

    8. Leonard says:

      Received numerous calls from this number. No messages were left. Very annoying and harassing. If I get one more call I will answer and tell them to stop calling and I will take legal action after them. Comes up California on caller id.

    9. Pat says:

      I got a call from this number and didn't answer. Didn't leave message

    10. Connie says:

      called, i ignored it. Tried to call back, phone number has been disconnected. Located on Radcliffe and S. Broadway, Englewood, Co.

    11. Harlan says:

      So i see this is what he does...... smh all it took was for me to not answer one time i hope he will stop and leave me alone he sent me a lot of pornography pictures

    12. Norbert says:

      I just started getting this call, the last week of July. As others have said, no-one ever leaves a message.....caller I.D. sayd "unavailable"....these people need to find better things to do with their time.

    13. Fernando says:

      They call ask your name then hang up. Had the same kind of call form another number reported in a different part of the country with exact same mo. Number 1-623-277-5159. Neither when you call back will indicate there is a phone there. The above number indicates that it is a cab company. Further research indicates it is a home that is 2.5 person home that is up for sale. No business can be seen on google maps so it is a scam or an information gathering company of some sort. They seem to be very inept and quite stupid.

    14. Drew says:

      just fart! Works everytime.

    15. Royal says:

      This number is calling to  me daily in the morning,after noon, and evening and late night.