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    1. Hobert says:

      That don't work, it wants you to leave your number and all kinds of crap. They shouldn't be calling anyone, they are a marketing firm or some bull s***, turn them into the FCC.

    2. Ruben says:

      books fake appts to waste your time. he talks about his pregnant wife and daughter etc. Then talks nasty. Its some dumb guy with no life and a whole lot of time on his hands

    3. Kareem says:

      Called just now, left no message. When I tried calling back, got busy signal.

    4. Rafael says:

      360-471-2168Said i won a $1,000 Best Buy Giftcard from an entry last month, knew it was a scam cuz i did not fill any entry ever for Best Buy!!!!!

    5. Jerry says:

      Received a text to say we won a $1000 gift card, I did not even register.

    6. Louie says:

      Do not let her contact me!!

    7. Sydney says:

      I have received NUMEROUS calls from this number. Many times I would answer the phone and they would not respond. They were looking for some guy named Josh. Anyway I just called them back and told them to block my number, or whatever it is they need to do. I received 5 calls from them today - extremely annoying! I spoke with someone name Kausheek, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is the end of this.

    8. Kenton says:

      I received the exact same message. I thought it was odd that I would be receiving a reply to a florida add from kentucky wanting to know when they could come and look at it.

    9. Damon says:

      wow.... thought I would check the number before text....

    10. Bobbie says:

      They call me 4 to 6 times a day!!!! Even, after I requested they remove me from their calling list!

    11. Wilfredo says:

      THese people whom ever they are need to STOP CALLING ME

    12. Claud says:

      SPAM for Amerndment 62. Go away, and why can't the gov't prosecute this annoying waste of time?!?!?!?!

    13. Josiah says:

      Called and told me they were from the US government, but wouldn't elaborate on that, and told me I was randomly selected by the government for $9200 grant.

    14. Lucien says:

      Called about student loans asking for a unrecognized name, sounded like a combination of elmiraescondido

    15. Merle says:

      This caller keeps calling me but I have no business with them. They wont stop calling my number. My caller ID just says "Texas Call"