302-790 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Rodolfo says:

      NO message left, called back but said the number was not available... what do you make of it?

    2. Broderick says:

      Asked me if I wanted new credit card and I said no and he told me that he knew all my information and could ruin my credit

    3. Jarred says:

      This is a scam. Don't give any info. Most numbers if not all of them like this are scams.

    4. Hipolito says:

      got a call from number and caller id states US Army Ft.Campbell but when tried to return the call said it had been disconnected. Not two seconds later the same number showed up and it was my daughters friend which is military so i guess it has to do with it going through the military lines is why it is stating diconnected.

    5. Napoleon says:

      yes my other people businees

    6. Dominique says:

      xoxojenn1 added pics to profile join and see want it to stop my wife is pissed at me

    7. Roy says:

      false bill collector spam

    8. Stuart says:

      A caller left a message to call 727-230-7084 but my Caller ID said 407-722-3532.

    9. Dirk says:

      This is Integra Telecom probably making a sales call but wouldn't know for sure since they don't possess the professionalism to leave a message. Funny thing is that I am an Integra customer and they have cold called me several times. What does this say about a telecommunications company that doesn't even know who their customers are? Their rates are far better than Qwest but don't expect great customer service!

    10. Wade says:

      They kept calling and they would hang up repeatedly.

    11. Deandre says:

      Its a mortgage lender. It happens whenever you fill out a form looking for any type of loan. 50 billion people call most are scamers but this one I didnt even listen too. I just know even after telling them no they continued to call for days after...they are still calling

    12. Tyler says:

      She said her name was Michele and she was looking for my son and she said he used our name as a reference trying to make us think it was about a job. They won't quit calling.

    13. Dee says:

      woman's group seeking donations

    14. Cameron says:

      Automated system about credit card offers

    15. Leo says:

      The number is letting you know you won a million dollars! WOW!  Yeah right, go bother someone else.