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    1. Sammie says:

      This number is call me like twice a day. Who are these people?

    2. Scottie says:

      This number calls numerous times a day. Husband answered yesterday they wanted to talk to me and said something about a charge on my cc and stated last 4 #'s. She hung up & we called the bank and cancelled the card. Then wouldn't you know they called here this morning again. I'm going to block this USW cust. serv. 1-231-732-2027. Don't you think these people should get a real job instead of trying to scam people what losers!

    3. Percy says:

      would like to know who you are.. you continue calling us.

    4. Aron says:

      this is a timeshare SCAM! don't give them any money

    5. Nigel says:

      I got a call from the same number by the same person, Patricia Williams, saying the same BS. I told her she was full of Sh** and not to call me ever again. They are scamers. Can you imagine the fools out there that might say, "um ok just tell me where to send the money" just because some loser on the other end of the phone DEMANDS that they do so without ANY proof!...

    6. Raymundo says:

      Make a thousand a day from home

    7. Dave says:

      solicitor for auto insurance company

    8. Raymond says:

      I just got a call on my cell also. Didn't answer and they left no message.

    9. Lincoln says:

      Its in Spanish, don't understand.

    10. Sammie says:

      asked for me by name but hung up when I asked who was calling

    11. Gerald says:

      They said they were calling from "free IPad.com" and wanted more information. I hung up.

    12. Curtis says:

      This did not give me accurate information. Wrong person.

    13. Chet says:

      Got a call tonight from a woman who told me that I had registered for a Disney vacation online 12 months ago.  She had my name and address and wanted to know if I had a Visa number that started with a 4 I asked her to tell me that info and she could not.  Then I asked to speak with her manager and she did not provide me with the manager as this was a residental number and she then told me that I had won a vacation and that she needed to verify that I had a Visa number that started with a 4 for the hotel that I would be staying at.  I then advised her to get her manager and she would not conply with my request.  She then hung up the phone on me and I called the non-emergency police to warn them of this individual.

    14. Freddy says:

      Never ever!!! Answer this call again

    15. Eugenio says:

      This number tried to trick my 87 year old grandma into giving them her credit card. They said the TV guide from the Oakland Press (our local newspaper) was going to be cancelled. I called back and they got quite an earful.