270-405 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Rodger says:

      robot caller because I'm apparently "paying too much for auto insurance"

    2. Hal says:

      Called speaking another language ans kept yelling. Eventually just hung up only to have thus number keep calling back. Block this number!

    3. Garth says:

      They said nothing it was a beep

    4. Normand says:

      Card member services scam

    5. Lacy says:

      They keep calling my house and have called about 28 times. Every time I have told them that person does not live here and to take off my phone #. today I got a call from them and this lady was not letting me talk to her boss and hung up onme. Does anyone know how to get ahold of them?

    6. Loren says:

      Receiced several calls from thels number looking for an unkown individual.

    7. Brett says:

      This number come up at Kevin Gee . The voice message says This is Russell from Frontier Financial and then requests that I call him back about a file that may concern me. He has called two days in a row adn given the number 877-683-5486 to call back. DO NOT CALL BACK.. DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE HAVE ANY PEOPLE PERSONAL HAVE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION.

    8. Dorsey says:

      Constant harrassment. Viagra sales. I want to kill these jerks. I have received over 150 calls over the last couple months. Please help.

    9. Hyman says:

      I got a call a female voice called asking for a Stephanie I called back said I was not Stephanie they said that they would take my name off their list. I then put my name on my recorded message now they call asking for me by name gave me a reference number threating me with legal action this time if I don't call them back at 302-861-5036

    10. Maynard says:

      Won a gift card from walmart

    11. Rosendo says:

      Crazy how many people are being called all around the same time. Called me while I'm leaving this note!  Never answer suspect numbers! Rule #1

    12. Dominick says:

      Need a little $ quickly? $1300available now and we fund hundreds of people each day at www. esimplefunds.com 0.4356915 from 209-781-5104

    13. Ezekiel says:

      I received a text from this number wanting to purchase something from me on craigslist. She said she would pay via paypal but I must ship the item to her son in Africa. She has a paypal account: maryanaalex123@gmail.com. Do not send her an invoice. She will pay you, but its a stolen credit card. Once payment is sent, you ship the item, then 60 days later you will get a chargeback from paypal and they take the money out of your account.

    14. Harlan says:

      A gurl n I Just Dnt Her Callin Me Anymore

    15. Kris says: