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    1. Alphonso says:

      This number just called my today saying that they were like Groupon, but the name of there company is Wakanetwork basic savings(.com). They wanted to send my dad a $50.00 gift card. I kept asking the lady if there was a catch? What are the shiping charges if any she never did say. She asked me what state did i live in and she kept repeating my dad's email address. I told her that he wasn't here and to call back. But then she said that whoever picked up the phone gets the card! She became a little agitated, but who cares she never answered my question. So then she asked had I ever used groupon or livingsingle sites before. I told her, no because i think that it was crazy and backwards that you have to buy something in order to use a coupon offline any way. I mean I use coupons but I print them off or get them out the paper and use them if i want to and besides they have exp. dates! I looked up the website on google, and bing and nothing came up but stupid Waka Waka, Waka Flocka... I'm like somethings up and I know that they're a people and companies out there wanted to get your info! In conclusion she did ask me if i had medical insurance. I said what does this have to do w/ the coupons? She said that they would send us coupons to help save us on medical bills and Rx's. So when i told her yes i had insurance. I never gave her my full name and it took her a minute to give me name of the account of the email address. This was a little skeeecttchy!

    2. Giovanni says:

      I get a call and i make it go to my answer machine, but hang up.

    3. Jacob says:

      ya me too. i called back and just got a bunch of bad music and then it hung up

    4. Nick says:

      They keep calling me even if I select to have my number taken off their call list. I get at least one call every day.

    5. Felton says:

      no voicemail cant callback

    6. Ira says:

      Who is at this phone number?

    7. Wade says:

      Neal Smallback, Call regarding house payment.

    8. Bruce says:

      yes they said their name was Eric Keefer. After much prodding to find out who they were and why were they texting me like we were good friends and he knew my name. I finally said my boy friend the police officer wants to know why you are texting me and he apologized and said he didn't mean to bother me. He would not text me any longer. this was last night.

    9. Val says:

      Eligable for an account update

    10. Amado says:

      recu même message aussi mais no.tél: 5162639120

    11. Denis says:

      Your caller may be lying when they said they saw your private FB pictures and may be simply trying to provoke a response from you (and it worked, didn't it?). "didn't have voice enabled" may mean they want you to text back, perhaps to a premium text number? My advice is to stay away. You have already revealed yourself as a responsive target. They (meaning scammers) may not have gotten you this time but they may next time. Stay away.

    12. Valentin says:

      they call several times a day trying to sell stuff to me, they are very rude when you ask the not to call again

    13. Chase says:

      Wow we all got a text from this number on the same day. I just got it less than 2 mins ago. It's obviously a scam. I work for a bank they will never text you anything like this. Its also funny because I don't bank with a credit union.

    14. Denis says:

      Called me twice within 10 minutes but left no message.

    15. Myron says:

      Just needs a real friend.