269-651 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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  • 269-651-6914
  • 269-651-6915
  • 269-651-6916
  • 269-651-6917
  • 269-651-6918
  • 269-651-6919
  • 269-651-6920
  • 269-651-6921
  • 269-651-6922
  • 269-651-6923
  • 269-651-6924
  • 269-651-6925
  • 269-651-6926
  • 269-651-6927
  • 269-651-6928
  • 269-651-6929
  • 269-651-6930
  • 269-651-6931
  • 269-651-6932
  • 269-651-6933
  • 269-651-6934
  • 269-651-6935
  • 269-651-6936
  • 269-651-6937
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  • 269-651-6943

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    1. Modesto says:

      Got several phone calls from this #, over a period of 3 weeks. I finally returned one and asked what they were about.

    2. Jc says:

      they call and hang up its annoying

    3. Jason says:

      My mom called and this was the number that showed up. Then she call back and her number showed up.

    4. Ronnie says:

      Hyundai survey.I just brought one

    5. Jim says:

      No Voicemail. Spam or collections.

    6. Merlin says:

      Someone calling from this number keeps calling - asking for my husband Randy, when I ask if I can take a msg they hang up and call back in 20 minutes or so.

    7. Jude says:

      Some telemarketers selling some sort of vacation/reservation

    8. Edwin says:

      I also got a call from this number, they hung up on me when I answered.

    9. Enrique says:

      got a call from this company A Andy and said they were SMS...asked for wrong name first then got irate and biligerant when I tried to get more specific information...Yelled at me i'm tired of these shanagans...I said excuse me..then I hung up...they called back again asked for john I put them on hold and they had changed persons when I talked again trying to get more inforamtion this guy was calm said he was with landscaping design...not even something our company does and little did he know I was the one he needed to talk to about anything asked if I was owner and I repeated my inquires and he said why don't you asnwer my questions and I said why didnt you answer my questions before he got irrate..i hung up again and they called back. I just picked up the receiver and hung up again...Nasty people have had them call before. but was about 6 mos ago an had forgotten,,,,they hadn't gotten that bad before....BEWARE this is a scammer I am sure of it....

    10. Rudy says:

      I've had calls from same long phone number here - looks like international number - 1-121-232-1564782.  Have received three calls from them now, two the other day, another just an hour or so ago.  I did not answer, and they left no message.  odd...

    11. Chadwick says:

      3 calls in one day did not leave a message

    12. Marion says:

      Received a call from this number a short time ago, which I did not recognize nor did I answer. No one left a message!!

    13. Douglas says:

      Governor "Bobby" Jindal of Louisiana election campaign

    14. Anibal says:

      No lo quiero resibir.llamada de este #

    15. Cedrick says:

      I had about 10 calls finally got through, it is cablevison