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    1. Abraham says:

      yeah the called me to, wachovia sent them to me for refusing to pay bogus overdraft fee's so i am on a payment arrangment with them, this company uses un lawful approaches and violate the FDCPA  fair dept collection protection act, they call everyday and harass me, i work in a collection agency the biggest in the world so i know what the law is , there a very small lo budget organization who feels that they have bigger power, wrong if you recieve calls from this company file a complain with the bbb.org.

    2. Louie says:

      Yes. Same said he was Kevin, ( with an Indian accent. - so much for silly scam artist)

    3. Lyle says:

      called at 9:13am 2-25-13 no message

    4. Sidney says:

      I got a recorded message talking about bladder cancer.

    5. Antoine says:

      Telemarketer calls me every week and I'm on the do not call list. Leaves messages about health insurance.

    6. Sergio says:

      Caller called and hung up when I answered!

    7. Sebastian says:

      Not sure who but they txt me about how to earn money.

    8. Quinton says:

      he said he found my wallet that i dropped and that he would fedex it to me on monday july 9, 2012 it is now monday, july 16 and he does not return any of my calls or texts and he has not returned the wallet.

    9. Sammy says:

      2 calls, I didn't answer, so I called back, it offered options to receive info on continuing education or not to, as soon as I selected 1 (to stop receiving info), the call ended.

    10. Duane says:

      Received a text from (209)559-2076 that says "Not smarter than me so dont even try"

    11. Willie says:

      I get calls from this number and similar ones like it several times a day every day. I don't understand why the phone companies can do something about these harassing calls?

    12. Byron says:

      This number appears because a child can log onto AIM.com and instant message.  This is unique, because you do not get charged for internet time, but obviously you do get charged for txt messages.  AT&T has a parent filtering option for 4.99 in which you can limit the number of text msgs your child sends and recieves every month. I just signed up for it.  You can also shut your childs phone off during certain times as well.  Anyways-I hope this help answer any questions.  Parents get the family txt msg plan, you are crazy not to have unlimited txt opt with children or another option have them pay for the plan if they are going to txt.

    13. Chuck says:

      Text me asking for a blow job. I still have no idea who this is.

    14. Jesus says:

      A recording trying to sell me on making money from home.

    15. Santo says:

      Caller ID shows 'Plant Test ME' but caller is from a company called Everest Merchant Services that does credit card processing. The callback number they gave is another cellphone with a Manhattan area code.