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    1. Ruben says:

      spam or scam! either way just block it.

    2. Allan says:


    3. Myles says:

      Have called my cell phone several times. Looking for a David Crow? Wasting my cell minutes because I have to check my voice mail every time they call. Trying to collect a debt from someone who is NOT at the number they insist on calling. Will be filing multiple complaints the next time they decide to call. they have been Emailed and warned of this.

    4. Rolf says:

      Just called. A couple of clicks on the other end of the line, then nothing.

    5. Aldo says:

      I'm a masseur and felt something was wrong right away just by how he responded after sayin hello. He was like whats up? When can you come over? So I just hung up on him and he's called like 6x withing the last 3 hours. Something told me to look him up and sure enough here is everyone's posts. If your an escort or masseur be careful.

    6. Joshua says:

      I've received a call from this number, regarding a Bally's Total Fitness account that I have cacnceled back in 2008/09. When i went to answer they hung-up and then I've called back and the guys ask me if I was such and such and I say yes, then he ask me to pay my current balance for Bally for the amount of $915.00, I've told him that was a mistake and then he was rude to me and of course I got laud with him (*&%$) Then I've called Bally to find out and they said that there was no report to collection from me, then I've called back to this number from my cell, and there was a recorder saying "Your call is important to us, please remain on the line , someone will be with you shortly" This happens twice and hung-up, then I've called from a land line and some body finally answered, this time a girl, and when I asked them about more detail about the information they had, the b*&%^ch hung-up on me.

    7. Dana says:

      Call from Maury went to his web page sounds like a scam to me. give him $3500 and your on your way to getting rich. Yea right what a scam. If your dumb enough to believe the program then you the $3500 you spend is well gone. Nice enough site but a scam

    8. Garfield says:

      you have been selected to receive a FREE Best Buy gift card.Just go to www.REWARDCARD2012.com within 48 hours to claim your gift.

    9. Quentin says:

      Love this app. Love the comments letting me know its kohls

    10. Vince says:

      Didn't answer telemarketing

    11. Keenan says:

      Constant calls from these scammers

    12. Caleb says:

      That ask me to send $115 ,in that will send me $1500 but that block my Number,now I have no money in my rent is due on the 1st

    13. Josef says:

      Dont want to receive any calls or texts from this number

    14. Alejandro says:

      Recording for health care insurance

    15. Alden says:

      First call, didn't answer, no message left