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    1. Harry says:

      Spam text message from this number.

    2. Lauren says:

      Annoying calls at all hours of the day. They never say anything!

    3. Tobias says:

      Well, I see these jack***es are still at it.  Geeze, I only wish everyone they call would do a little research because if they did - this so called company would be out of business in no time flat!!  Talk about unethical and just plain low down. They called my sister and we immediately found all this info about this scamming organization.  She can't wait until they call back - does she have an earful for them!

    4. Clemente says:

      These people will not stop calling me and calling me at work.   This morning they left a message at my work and gave my work the last four digits of my social security number!!!  How do I get them to stop calling and find out how they know my social security number.

    5. Donn says:

      this person keeps sending me nude messages when i call back nobody answer

    6. Garret says:

      Marketers trying to sell you something. Don't know how they got my number.

    7. Dong says:

      Nobody on the other end when they call.

    8. Freeman says:

      Received call from this number today, I didnt answer and they didn't leave a message.

    9. Billy says:

      Called me about 5 times so far

    10. Grover says:

      OK, I am going to try to clear up some myths about the junk-debt buyers, aka bottom feeders that I have seen in some threads. (The term in the industry is debt acquisition.)This is kind of long, but I think this will help quite a few people. Feel free to repost and pass on.

    11. Clint says:

      asked for address then NO SHOW waste of time

    12. Columbus says:

      no more text of phone call from this number thank you

    13. Mitchell says:

      Have now received three calls from this number.  Two times no message was left, the other time it was an automated system says my credit card was being "blocked?" and I could unblock it by pressing 1 now.

    14. Santo says:

      SCAM SCAM SCAM. Stay away!!!

    15. Kermit says:

      Beware - this person is a known dating scammer.  Professes his love for you very quickly, then will eventually ask for money.  He has 3 pages of alias' on romancescam.com and even a page on a Netherlands scam site.  I met him on OK Cupid as "Richard Gregory", but is also known to be on eHarmony and Match.com.  Wife died, daughter and son living with his mother, he is in the oil industry.  Very romantic, flowery letters.