267-515 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Scotty says:

      This is a security company trying to sale security systems for homes

    2. Luigi says:

      I got this same call and same government grant scam. I posted my story below just a few minutes ago. The thing that worries me is he knew my full name and what state I live in, state doesn't bother me because you can find that out easily but name is what worries me the most!

    3. Nicholas says:

      How do you look up someone's phone number?

    4. Sydney says:

      Automated voice callin for. Wrong person

    5. Maria says:

      Aren't they just great? NOT! The reason he got so angry with you when you inquired about the "debt" is because it makes him have to go off his script and it confuses the heck out of him. These people aren't really intelligent, which is why they can't get real jobs. I think it also annoys the heck of them that you know what they're up to. What a scumbag cretin to say such things on a voicemail! When are they going to figure out that this is just not working for them most of the time? I'm so happy and relieved that so many people give them the brush-off and tell them to eff themselves! I hope they don't bother you anymore after that. Give him he** if he does!

    6. Brenton says:

      Got this call, obvious scam. Hope the authorities get them.

    7. Thaddeus says:

      this company also goes by american credit international and several #
      BEWARE they will tell you going to send a sheriff to your home, etc...

    8. Raleigh says:

      Caller says nothing or hangs up after answered

    9. Damian says:

      Called twice from them today saying they were the Breast Cancer Society.  Asked them to take me off their call list and they hung up on me.

    10. Lincoln says:

      Thanks for info everyone!

    11. Minh says:

      They have called twice within an hour. They do not leave a message. I do not answer because I do not recognize the number.

    12. Felton says:


    13. Shad says:

      don't want to never talk to him again

    14. Chang says:

      Said they were calling from the victims accident unit

    15. Trevor says:

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