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    1. Bradly says:

      Tired of these numbers harassing me. Not to telemarketers,they're harassers

    2. Hilton says:

      I called back and got the "manager" also, lol.

    3. Granville says:

      A company offering funding. I didn't catch the name. They called me today, for the third time in the last two weeks although I've already said 'No thank you.' This time when they called, I just said that I wasn't here when they asked for me. The guy just hesitated when I offered to take a message. ...

    4. Aron says:

      constant harassment and slander

    5. Lupe says:

      All of these comments were helpful-thanku Im now setting it to auto hangup. They've clld a few times/wk & the only time i answered i got hung up on. I tried clling this # bck & it imediately hung up the cll. Be careful w/your info on the internet.

    6. Wilford says:

      got a call 8:30 this morning nd i'm 3hrs ahead of tacoma time. so whoever it is are rally gettin up at like 5 in da morning to make a scam...i couldn't understand the lady she was spanish all i heard was blah blah blah $7,000.00 nd u don't have to pay anything afterwards they hung up. Tried callin bk to see wht crap they're talking about but jus got a spanish recording nd a hang up.

    7. Roland says:

      I have received dozens of text telling me I qualify for $1500 instantly.

    8. Ramon says:

      Just got a call from this number on my cell phone. Didn't leave a message, but I don't owe any debt. Annoying.

    9. Jerrell says:

      "An important message about dental coverage."

    10. Phillip says:

      Some "investment opportunity" thought it was my office line so I answered it when I realized what it was I hung up.

    11. Sammie says:

      have recieved 2 messages that i'm unable to understand. Not sure who is calling or why

    12. Ezekiel says:


    13. Garth says:

      A guy introducing himself with only first name--I believe Alex--called for my boss asking by the nickname version of his first name (this was the first clue it was a solicitor, as he goes by his full name).  When asked, he said that he was from Duncan Company.  Since my boss was busy, he did not want to leave a message.  He just stated that he would call back later.

    14. Wilbur says:

      I just got a call from this number to my cell phone.

    15. Rocky says:

      They have called me twice a day for weeks saying I have won a prize in a drawing I have never herd of and when I tell them to stopCalling they hang up on me