262-512 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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  • 262-512-5303
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  • 262-512-5305
  • 262-512-5306
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  • 262-512-5308
  • 262-512-5309
  • 262-512-5310
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  • 262-512-5312
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  • 262-512-5316
  • 262-512-5317
  • 262-512-5318
  • 262-512-5319
  • 262-512-5320
  • 262-512-5321
  • 262-512-5322
  • 262-512-5323
  • 262-512-5324
  • 262-512-5325
  • 262-512-5326
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  • 262-512-5330
  • 262-512-5331

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    1. Cliff says:

      I also keep recieving this message 2 at a time and I called verizon and they can't help....something or someone has todo something about this...please respond to me if any one figures it out and I will do the same!

    2. Roosevelt says:

      just recieved a voicemail from this number, what sounded like a little old lady said she wanted to explain why she didnt come to the party today, sounds fishy to me, i told her she had the wrong number.

    3. Shaun says:

      Spam, I am, not green eggs and ham Sam

    4. Chance says:

      Got a call from this number at 430 am. What is it

    5. Clemente says:

      Don't know who made this call.

    6. Erin says:

      this number no longer belongs to ericka or mark stop calling this number if you are trying to reach ericka or mark......

    7. Lazaro says:

      Dnt call me or text this not hid phone

    8. Olen says:

      Met this guy (on this number) through POF, will send overtly sexual messages, has an accent. I wish more people would post the weirdos online to warn us!

    9. Gordon says:

      They called and left no message...

    10. Ralph says:

      Called saying I won some trip so I hang up.

    11. Theron says:

      I received 2 calls from Joseph Daniels at my job; stating to call him back or have my attorney of record contact him b/c it is extremely urgent. I called back today while at work and spoke to Kevin Peterson (which I'm almost certain is not his real name) he proceeds to tell me that he is with the Law Office of James Parker and that they have 3 charges filed against me for violation of federal bank, collateral check fraud, and theft by deception in reference to funds that were deposited in my account that they did not receive repayment on so it came to them as a worthless electronic transaction.  I advised him that I have not received any money from anyone and that no attempts to withdraw funds were noted on my account and he proceeds to tell me that the local Sheriff's office would be coming to my place of employment.  This is nuts!

    12. Roy says:

      Tmobile calling me for the wrong person. Told them I never had tmobile and they still call everyday

    13. Rafael says:

      It spoke in Spanish, and I am unaware of what was said.

    14. Dudley says:

      scam!!! asked if I or a family member was in an accident recently...

    15. Leandro says:

      Selling something didn't stay on long enough