260-486 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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  • 260-486-4807
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  • 260-486-4809
  • 260-486-4810
  • 260-486-4811
  • 260-486-4812
  • 260-486-4813
  • 260-486-4814
  • 260-486-4815
  • 260-486-4816
  • 260-486-4817
  • 260-486-4818
  • 260-486-4819
  • 260-486-4820
  • 260-486-4821
  • 260-486-4822
  • 260-486-4823
  • 260-486-4824
  • 260-486-4825
  • 260-486-4826
  • 260-486-4827
  • 260-486-4828
  • 260-486-4829
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  • 260-486-4835

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    1. Tyrone says:

      No message. Don't know anyone from Syracuse.

    2. Judson says:

      Bill collection, wrong number

    3. Bryon says:

      Did not say anything since I didn't answer, but no message was left

    4. Timmy says:

      Yesterday his number sent me 2 texts every minute for several hours. Definitely spam.

    5. Diego says:

      Free groceries and med alert

    6. Kim says:

      I had this number call me and a 322-432-6765. I was not up to answer the 302 number but I was up and answered the 322 and they told me CONGRATS your loan was approved for your car! I started to laugh at the guy and he asked me what is so funny and I told him he was so funny to think that I was going to fall for his *BS* because I would never put in for a loan on my car because I just bought my car and he had my madden name and not my married name. So yes it is all a SCAM!!! They have nothing better to do then to try and get our hard earned money the lazy basterards!

    7. Chadwick says:

      We just finished talking to them after several times of telling them it is a scam they told us they wanted our daughter the numbers they have used so far are 975-193.-3872 206-237-0030 and 254-301-9300-47?? they tried the western union version of the scam

    8. Danial says:

      I was left a message to call this number for a job interview with person's name; but when I returned the call it was a male who answered. They told me I had the wrong number.

    9. Tomas says:

      This guy called me talking about credit card processing and he can help in credit too. This sounds like a trick and trying to steal people's information and credit card. Anyone can take credit cards through pay pal account. He said he had an office in St. Louis MO and was nationwide? He gave me a website www.creditmakeover.info and he even talks on the site. Sounds like to me if he was as big and nation wide as he promotes he wouldn't be a 1 man show. Went by Rob and I saw this ad below and called that cell phone and he answered I hung up. Not using him .

    10. Elroy says:

      Got a call, let it got to mail, no message let googled up homestead studio suites denver? Sounds like a bill collector, anyone?

    11. Fidel says:

      WAC regarding birth defects

    12. Wesley says:

      Do not call this phone anymore thanku

    13. Arturo says:

      12405359258: Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the iPad3! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto http://serious-prizes.com and enter code BETA will Receive it!

    14. Lavern says:

      i had this number in my mail at urbanchat that i should text her

    15. Benton says:

      Constant calls from this number on one of our cell phones, never leaves a message. Call back message "this number is not in service".