260-458 Check Owner Of Phone Number

  • 260-458-1488
  • 260-458-1489
  • 260-458-1490
  • 260-458-1491
  • 260-458-1492
  • 260-458-1493
  • 260-458-1494
  • 260-458-1495
  • 260-458-1496
  • 260-458-1497
  • 260-458-1498
  • 260-458-1499
  • 260-458-1500
  • 260-458-1501
  • 260-458-1502
  • 260-458-1503
  • 260-458-1504
  • 260-458-1505
  • 260-458-1506
  • 260-458-1507
  • 260-458-1508
  • 260-458-1509
  • 260-458-1510
  • 260-458-1511
  • 260-458-1512
  • 260-458-1513
  • 260-458-1514
  • 260-458-1515
  • 260-458-1516
  • 260-458-1517
  • 260-458-1518

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    1. Modesto says:

      we have been change hotel name from travelodge to Americas Best Value Inn. please change in your listing. no more travelodge. Thanks. Amrat gandhi

    2. Bertram says:

      Did not answer left no message

    3. Asa says:

      Wanted my address name to mail me a check for something I have for sale on Craigslist. I gave them the address to Newark NJ FBI office since their number is out of NJ.

    4. Ronald says:

      This person is replying to Craigs Lists all over the country trying to rent out apartments that don't exist. There is a scam going on with this person. Other number associated with this one is 302 526-0571

    5. Tyson says:

      Get calls on my answering machine but they never leave a message, just hang up.

    6. Buford says:

      Hung up when phone was answered. ADA was what appeared on caller ID.

    7. Lazaro says:


    8. Bret says:

      did reverse lookup on 951 778 0611:

    9. Daryl says:

      Continually calls me daily. Please stop

    10. Olin says:

      Same as 630-869-6947 i call back and my only option is to be removed from the list and then another number starts calling with the same BS. I finally told them I would sue them for phone harassment... no more calls.

    11. Rico says:

      Half way spanish message! For 2 seconds then hung up!

    12. Guy says:

      I have received Numerous calls from this number Times and dates below:

    13. Britt says:

      My story is way too long to explain, but as the statements below, and the research I have done on this company, I personally advise ANYONE, who is contacted by this company, DO NOT give money, cc #'s, bank account numbers to them, until they are willing to write and you receive a letter in advance of payment. They are scamists, rude, unjust, and probably not operating in a legal matter in most of their relationships. I admit that I owe money, that my current bank is having them collect from me. But through the entire matter, I have been offered a settlement of the balance owed, as quick as that, they have taken it back because I refuse to pay them until to send me a letter stating the account will be shown paid as agreed with nothing else owing. Be careful. I have contacted my bank and they have agreed to wait for the contract between this collection agency and the bank for this account to expire, then I will pay the bank the entire amount due, which I am willing, at that time.

    14. Vance says:

      medical surgery mistake. doc mistake

    15. Bud says:

      This is an important message for ....