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    1. Erich says:

      people beware....I was receiving calls from 201-621-5695...I files a complaint with the authorities in Hackensack NJ...now I am not getting the calls from that number anymore...they are coming from this new number.  they say they are from GRANT CONSULTANTS.  My number is a brand new unlisted one...have only had it for about 2 months and that is when the call started.

    2. Conrad says:

      Got a weird call from this number, I answered it... no one answered. I hung up... 2 seconds later, called again, I thought I should answer in case it was important and the phone was messed up.... still no answer. As the call was still on, the same number was calling on the other line?! WEIRD! So I picked the call up but I didn't say anything then, they hung up... dunno who they are... but I may have to report it....

    3. Sammie says:

      Juan Pulido is a Felony Fraud scam man who sells on eBay under user ID "yonijr" and on Craigslist. He is wanted for felony theft interstate commerce fraud. See his eBay feedback for details.

    4. Hung says:

      I would like to know...it is 6:50 a.m.!!!!

    5. Alfred says:

      They called once and hung up immediately

    6. Kelley says:

      Harrassment everyday... blocked yet still can leave a message... GRRRR

    7. Dorsey says:

      No idea who this is but kept calling and not leaving a message and when I tried to call them back it was like I was immediately sent to their voicemail without any type of phone answer greeting. (complete silence on their end except the beep to record)

    8. Jack says:

      I got a call Thanksgiving from 473-520-9719. No message.

    9. Randal says:

      Some online college that is trying to get me money. I told them to stop calling but they won't.

    10. Sheldon says:

      (204) 221-7437 is a land line based in Winnipeg, Mb, Canada

    11. Adrian says:

      The call is from BCPF (Breast Cancer Prevention Foundation), a non-profit

    12. Rocky says:

      voice message comes on asking if I don't want to receive calls from this number to press#1 when I press#1 I still receive calls from this number.

    13. Hiram says:

      Very unflattering spam.....

    14. Faustino says:

      I have gotten 2 calls from them in this last week. Both woke me up from a sound sleep since I work nights. First thing that was said was "do phone calls from strangers drive you crazy?". He is selling an Internet marketing business and I can tell you it is unsolicited. After the first call I added my phone to the Do Not Call Registry and darned if he didn't call again.

    15. Grant says:

      the either hangs up or never says anything