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    1. Wilfredo says:

      called two days in a row only a beep sound a couple of times

    2. Danny says:

      First Choice at 727-748-1685 keeps calling and when we answer there is no response.  We are on the National Do NOT call list, and still receive these calls!

    3. Sonny says:

      This is a confirmed cop. Women BE CAREFUL! In an economy where people are starving, losing jobs, the COPS start vice stings to raise the cities coffers. DO NOT TAKE THIS PERSON! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

    4. Tobias says:

      Constant calls from this number.  Please go away, I am on the do not call list. This is harrassment.

    5. Adolph says:

      Calls to craigslist users and rob them.

    6. Albert says:

      I recelived a call identifiying himself as Att Daniel Paige.  He stated he needed to speak to my attorney and only my attorney.  I asked where he was calling from and he wouldn't give me any information.  He had a very heavy India Accent.  He threatened me.  I did manage to get his phone number and that he was located in CA, but I don't believe that.  He gave me the number 209-437-2723.  I asked what his name was and he said he was Daniel Paige and I said I doubt that since you said you were calling on behalf of his office.  I want these calls to stop.  He is calling my home, cell and work and harassing my coworkers when they answer the phone.

    7. Ronny says:

      No name given rude and hung up possible telemarketer

    8. Raymundo says:

      Got a call from this number and when I answered it was a recording saying that is was my final notice to lower my credit card debt. The number on caller id says wireless customer, no name. The recording said to push one to talk to customer service but when I pressed one the phone went dead. These calls are anoying and I wish there was a way to put a stop to them.

    9. Johnny says:

      dont know them they keep calling and its annoying

    10. Emmett says:

      This is an important message about your home loan. And then I hung up

    11. Gerald says:

      called my cell @ 2:15 pm on weekday; did not answer + no voice mail

    12. Mose says:

      i got a call from this number too and when i answered it was silent then hung up! I think it's a number from bowling green, ky and it's a cell phone number but that's all i can figure out

    13. Kraig says:

      stole and used my cc to book a cruise. pose as it company

    14. Ambrose says:

      Same incident. Man with middle eastern accent(difficult to understand) with an american name calling from some type of law investigation dept. Same old scam !!! Regarding lawsuit and about making a payment to them. Do not believe these people-do not verify any information with them or make any payment to them. You will never see your money again or get any legal written documentation from them-it is all fake! There is alot of helpful information on the internet about these phony loan lawsuits posted by the BBB, FTC, FBI etc. Report any such calls to your local police, BBB, FTC, FBI etc. Also save any messages from them and turn them over to the proper authorities.

    15. Jimmy says:

      Oh it comes up on my caller ID as Solutions WCA and the message when answered spoke so fast I didn't hear the company name correctly.....just wanted to add this to my message above.