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    1. Lawerence says:

      MAN WITH HEAVY ACCENT CALLED MY CELL PHONE FROM THE ABOVE NUMBER. Each time it's a differnt person identifying themselves from "USA Finance" stating it an auto loan approval but I never applied. I decided to go with Life Lock to protect my information but I'm also calling the NYS Atty Generals office to complain.

    2. Horace says:

      Didnt take call it said spam number

    3. Maynard says:

      Looking for someone called Summer Prez

    4. Donnie says:

      They keep calling saying my child has been absent but don't have kids it annoying

    5. Heriberto says:

      Also have a Telus cell.  Received 2 calls from this # Oct 31 and today, Nov 8!  They were missed calls while I was at work in the afternoon.  Now I will for sure not answer this # if it calls me again!  How can people get away with this?!  :(

    6. Ezekiel says:

      VA hospital appointment reminder

    7. Derek says:

      hey i live in ireland too and i also got the same number calling me but i thought it was someone i may have known because i am from canada.... so i typed in the number and found this site... im glad now i can stop panicking!

    8. Josh says:

      Never responded to my message about sending a dick pic!

    9. Jerrold says:

      This is an UN-WANTED call. I did not answer it. It rang 3 times then stopped. This is the first  for  this number.

    10. Clay says:

      no i have no ideal how they got my #,since i have had this app,i started getting the calls i hope that by me adding this app my # did not get put out there,i wanted this to block old friends from calling and hanging up

    11. Michal says:

      Calling all the time and without leaving any message ....Is this some kind of weird MLM or a phone company?

    12. Gregg says:

      Called at 8:45 pm March 25/08 and hung up as soon as I answered.

    13. Dorian says:

      Calls at my job and home asking for my birth date. I ask them to identify themselves before I give any personal information. I then was told that she would call my humane resource department at my job! I told her again to identify herself before I give any information and she kept getting louder. I had to tell her that I am not deaf to stop yelling.

    14. Marcel says:

      Don't give them any of your info its a spam.

    15. Emmitt says:

      ALERT. If you get a call from this number DO NOT DO WHAT THEY TELL YOU TO DO. They will want you to type in TEAMVIEWER.COM. Tell them that you know it is a scam and tell them that you are calling the authorities. Then check your credit card statements. THIS IS A SCAM. and the poster "Jason" on this page works with them! ALERT!!