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    1. Brenton says:

      A guy from this number called me on my cell and asked for me by my first and last name and also stated my actual social security number and asked me if I was this person and if this was my social. the unknown guy had an accent of either and Indian or Iranian decent, he said that i needed to get a lawyer and that I had an outstanding balance with some payday advance place or something...and I have never had a loan in my life!! I tried communicating with this moron who I already was having a hard time understanding. I tried asking him how he got my info and what was the name of the business he was calling me from and he would not disclose any info he just kept saying sorry and hung up on me. I am having this number investigated and contacting my credit agencies to have my in formation blocked and flagged. Obviously there is a major gap/leak with the good ole privacy policy's acts, and people's personal information in America. It is too easy for any random being to get ur information or even pay for it online and use it to do whatever they please with it. I am Sick and Tired of It.

    2. Herschel says:

      Keeps calling but leaving no message

    3. Edmundo says:

      I received a call from this number a few hours ago and didn't answer because it was not familiar, after I typed it in google and saw everyone else's comments, I am so glad I didn't answer! Thanks all of you, for taking the time to provide info and help us all be more informed about these scammers.

    4. Paris says:

      caller state i've a new 2012 mercedes benz and need to pay $499.00 taxes plus process fees of $100.00 to a ouffit suppose to be in ft.walton beach florida he say not to tell westen union my business just send the money he states the name is mark anderson

    5. Rodrigo says:

      I'm getting picture mail from this number. I don't know anyone in North Carolina.

    6. Santos says:

      Two calls per day from this unknown phone number: 210-239-7889 nobody answers!!!

    7. Buster says:

      Looking for the wrong person

    8. Ollie says:

      Missed call. Mostlikely teller spam

    9. Tod says:

      referral service in spanish

    10. Nathaniel says:

      this number calls me harassing me and threatening me

    11. Pat says:

      This lady scams people when selling items on Craigslist and other places. Beware!

    12. Cliff says:

      white trash of Mississippi

    13. Gerardo says:

      Telemarketing, calls and doesn't leave message.

    14. Antione says:

      The company called offering a newly installed GE alarm system.

    15. Myron says:

      Please give detail to this number.