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    1. Homer says:

      sent me a text cleaning I won a $500 target card, good night in bible and wanted me to participate in promotions

    2. Ramiro says:

      Called my Skype number. Left a message about home security systems.

    3. Giuseppe says:

      Got a call from this number today to Iceland. I did not answer.

    4. Augustine says:

      Calls every day. Do not leave a message

    5. Freeman says:

      Did not answerCalled my cell phone

    6. Wilbert says:

      Received unknown call from this phone number; caller's name Jason Bautista.

    7. Pasquale says:

      Dont know who this is and they keep calling

    8. Morton says:

      Always @ Odd Times ...No I don't Want wat Yur Selling .

    9. Cristobal says:

      same thing ,sent back I don't know you send facial pic and your name,no response

    10. Brady says:

      Harassing me with texts spamming me!

    11. Lamar says:

      Total scam call. I have had this before coming from different numbers. But it always starts out with some Indian person telling me that I have applied for continuing education and they have an approved federal grant for me. The punch line is they want all types of personal information like SSN, DOB and place of birth to process this. Also mothers madien name is tossed in as well. (Wonder what they need this for). I always give them a bunch of junk information but they always seem to call back and know my real name. The numbers always seem to change but the scam is always the same, the quest for personal identifiers and information for whatever scam they are trying to play. The only thing I can think of is an identity theft scam since they ask for so much personal information. So if you get a call from this number remember it is a scam no matter how honest it sounds and they are looking to take you off to a degree you won't understand until it happens to you.

    12. Anton says:

      Read the posts for this phone number that calls that hangs up when I answer. I am a NASW member but I find this tactic to be rude and counter-productive.

    13. Lino says:


    14. Rupert says:

      Solicitation for job leads.

    15. Vincenzo says:

      I got a call from this number asking me if I'd like to know more about the super duper tropical vacation I'd won (they didn't use those exact words, but pretty much). I said no I wouldn't like to hear about it and to please never call me again. They said they'd put me on the do not solicit list, and they haven't called since.