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    1. Porfirio says:

      CRAZY MAN! He is on parole for nearly killing his "ex wife". keeps calling and texting me while he is with his "ex-girlfriend" HUGE criminal record. He stole from me. His kids are in foster care. BAD! Bad! BAD! Very manipulative! You see him coming RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Bruno says:

      Called early morning back to back from two different #'s-no message

    3. Alexis says:

      Call received at 9:13am 4/5/13 No message left

    4. Trey says:

      TOTAL STALKER. Makes threats and wants cash to stop. Notified police.

    5. Delmar says:

      This number is a racist child. I received a call at 1:47 in the morning on Monday. I am an African American male and this child called me telling me that I was a, and I quote, a "purple drinking negroidian". If this wasn't enough he called back when i was working and threatened my life. Block This Number!

    6. Chester says:


    7. Carroll says:

      I received text messages from this number this weekend as well (209-322-9764) offering to send me a company check from Fedex for the amount of the furniture I had for sale as well as the money for the delivery charge of the truck he was sending to pick up the items at my convenience. I was very skeptical and immediately told this person that I was sorry, but I only accepted cash. They kept on about how the check would be just like cash and it wouldn't be an issue. They kept asking for my name and address and I tried to explain that I don't like giving that information out to just anyone. Plus, this person had not offered any information about themselves so I asked for theirs in return before I gave mine. I got a text back repeating what they needed. I told them if they wouldn't even give their name I wasn't interested. I got back the name James Jeffery. Then I started questioning if he was in CA how did he find my listing in SC. He called me instead and told me to just give him my name and address so he could write the check. He wouldn't answer my question. I continued to talk and told him I was going to have to pass because when I googled his number I found all these websites saying he is scamming people and I had no desire to be next. He just stuttered and hung up on me. Lol

    8. Tracey says:

      omg i received a callfrom thatnumber too lastnight!

    9. Ellis says:

      Someone trying to help me save on auto insurance.

    10. Deshawn says:

      They relentlessly keep calling even if u are only four days late.

    11. Jerome says:

      Scam, tried to get my address and SSN, told me they were going to sue me, yada yada yada..

    12. Harris says:

      Got a text indicating about an iPad2 giveaway for the first 1,000 mobile users that follow the given link to claim the prize. I'm so sick of getting these types of texts. I keep blocking them out but they keep multiplying!!

    13. Carol says:

      I am a teacher and it is currently against policy to use our phones during class, obviously. I have mine on silent during the day but when I checked my phone, I had 3 calls listed all with in an hour or two of each other. I hate phone calls like this. I wish they would leave me alone. Also I did answer one time and no one ever spoke in return. I think this was my biggest mistake, now they are calling all the time.

    14. Dominique says:

      BLOCKED! They can call all they want...my phone won't ring for them anymore! SPAM!

    15. Margarito says:

      I keep getting calls from this number... I answer it and no one is ever there. This last time someone asked for me, but they were cutting in and out so I said please f**k off and never call my number again.