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    1. Michale says:

      annoying people calling for some body else

    2. Nicky says:

      They called 3 times in 2 days. A recorded woman's voice citing FBI's recommendation that we purchase a security system. Clearly a violatrion of the Do Not Call List.

    3. Coleman says:

      Call came with confirmation code

    4. Sydney says:

      Didn't recognize number so let it go to VM.   Something about football, half of the message didn't come through.    I opted out of telemarketer phone calls, why am I still getting them on my cell???

    5. Jere says:

      Just received a a call from this number. Really could hear what they were saying. Something about press one. So I hung up on them. I don't press any buttons unless I know who it is calling.

    6. Rico says:

      Slow,Dumb,Retarded,Drunken squirrel

    7. Jody says:

      I really hope they text this to a cop who actually gives them a legit credit card number and then tracks the card usage and arrests these F***** punks. I really despise thieves. I'd really like to kick them in the sack!

    8. Taylor says:

      It is Global Properties, we have land in another state they tried to buy.

    9. Chad says:

      Call repeatedly. Will not leave a message. Hang up after 4 rings. Whwn I finally answered I got a female saying Hello several times in a noisy room, then she hung up. I tried to call back and got a message to punch 1 to be removed from the list, so I called it from another number and punched 1. This is probably only validating my phone as a working number toi continue annoying me. I am havint the phone company block this number.

    10. Frank says:

      This number called 7:25 a.m. and just left a voicemail with just a little breathing...weird.

    11. Cyrus says:

      201204-3610 is a scam.  Please do not let them take your money.

    12. Cyrus says:

      Got a call from this number at 5:08PM with no message.

    13. Colby says:

      Said that I had won a $50,000 prize from some contest I had entered several months back.  Right!!  I'm sure they'd notify winners by mail if this was legit.

    14. Forrest says:

      Don't really say anything just a recording.

    15. Emory says:

      This man named Mark Johnson( foreigner with a American name) called my cell phone stating that I would be locked up and I will have to go to court on Monday.  When I told him that Monday is a holiday he got upset, telling me to shut up and listen to him and I had to agree that I understood everything that he was saying.  I argued that I had no clue who or what they were referring to.  They were very rude and would not let me speak to a supervisor.  I believe this was some sort of scam.  I called my cell phone company to make them aware that I received this call.  This is very scary.