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    1. Stanley says:

      Someone from this number repeatedly calls my 16 year old son and won't stop. Even after begin asked to. My son feels harrassed by this person.

    2. Rudy says:

      Please send me the list of houses for 265 a month.

    3. Harry says:

      I think its a) a scammer b) sales calls c) a school (college) or d) some work numbers....i applied to some online stuff last night, and this morning I got a call at 8am and just ow at 230..its a san Joaquin area code which is modesto, ca to south sacrameto area...i used to get random calls like this..only thing is to answer and tell them to take your name off the list or block the number on your phone.

    4. Carmelo says:

      I am receiving text messages from this number. wanting to build a relationship. I did not join Match.com to be played with!

    5. German says:

      Yes this person called & didn't say nethng...

    6. Otto says:

      Very rude bill collectors

    7. Lemuel says:

      EXTREMELY annoying and persistent online college telemarketers. I've been getting at least 2 calls a day for the past month and a half. I've told them that I wasn't interested only to have them start back to constantly calling me but this time with a different number.

    8. Deon says:

      Just got a call from this number but the woman said "sorry, I got the wrong number."

    9. Deangelo says:

      It sounds like they are wailing

    10. Jerry says:

      Just got a txt from this number stating it was from beneficial bank... scam!

    11. Gino says:

      They said they are with the attorneys office but wont say what state sounds fraudulent

    12. Aron says:

      They have been calling several times a day at all hours for over a week.When I answer--CLICK.So now on the first ring if I am quick enough I push the flash button (answer) and immeditaly push the clear (hang up)button. Doesn't deter them but, I don't have to listen to the rings. Sick Bas--rd needs help1

    13. Fidel says:

      Keep receiving harassing calls from Sprint and and Virgin Mobile regarding a call to customer service which I never made. I do not have either one of the companies and will NEVER get Sprint. Please stop calling me!!!

    14. Nickolas says:

      Recorded telemarketing SPAM

    15. Delmar says:

      Received two calls within three hours. A man who knew my first name said he is calling because of a purchase I made with my master card. I cut him off then because I had been receiving calls from a different MI number which I looked up online and read about other people's comments that it was a scam.