248-597 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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  • 248-597-7131
  • 248-597-7132
  • 248-597-7133
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  • 248-597-7137
  • 248-597-7138
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  • 248-597-7140
  • 248-597-7141
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    1. Rodrick says:

      i want them to stop calling.

    2. Tad says:

      Spammer & prank calling

    3. Danial says:

      Please do not let this call go thro this company want stop calling my phone. Thank you"

    4. Parker says:

      He is stalker and harrasing me

    5. Jonas says:

      I have received several threatening phone calls from this number, from a man with a heavy Indian accent, who cursed at me profusely and threatened to have me arrested if I did not pay $8.00 dollars to "LLC Law Firm".  He would not provide me with an address or a phone number. I got the number from my restricted caller ID retrieval at my place of employment.  I spoke with the FBI field office for white collar crimes and internet crime center and was informed that this is a scam from an on line application.

    6. Gerry says:

      Union Rescue Mission Wichita Ks

    7. Nelson says:

      They sent 30-40 texts insulting myself and my mother. I want to know who this is.

    8. Esteban says:

      Be aware! This is a SCAM. I also got multiple calls from this phone number (after work hour), the guy made the phone call claimed that he was calling on behalf of San Francisco DeYoung/Legion of Honor Museum; while this phone number is clearly a Michigan local number. At the end he asked for a credit card number. DO NOT give out your credit card number over phone to this number! The DeYoung has its own phone nubmers and when I called right back, DeYoung office was off hour and closed. then I called back during business hour and had somebody over phone, and confirmed that they were not accosiate with this phone number what's ever. It's a SCAM!

    9. Eric says:

      Claimed to be offering a Bahamas cruise in exchange for completing a 30-second political survey. Second call I've gotten with this recording, but first from this number. Offered opportunity to press 9 to remove permanently.

    10. Israel says:

      They call saying that you are entered into a sweepstakes by Publishers Inc. and that they are required to inform you that you are entered and need to answer some qualifying questions.

    11. Eliseo says:

      Robo call. Hangs up when I answer.

    12. Shon says:

      These dirt bags keep calling my cell phone saying it is my last and final call to reduce my credit card debt. My phone is on the do not call list what can I do?

    13. Son says:

      I got a phone call from these people and i did not understand,they were asking too many questions in which i was trying to apply for credit. I thought it was that company.

    14. Edward says:

      knew a girl from the frats that always had bruises round her face from giving so many bj's

    15. Kenneth says:

      Winner of best buy gift card.