240-473 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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  • 240-473-6542
  • 240-473-6543
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  • 240-473-6548
  • 240-473-6549
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    1. Alec says:

      I have received many unwanted calls from this number. Please go to the carrier link and make a report:http://bandwidth.com/resources/legal/policy_violations.html If enough of us do this, maybe they will investigate this phone number and stop it.Caller: Bandwidth.com

    2. Bart says:

      Call came in at 7:00 Houston, TX Hung up when answered.

    3. Alec says:

      Pre recorded message for a free cruise.

    4. Brad says:

      Received a message asking to speak to me......not responded to.  I do not know anyone in this area and I am on the Do Not Call List.

    5. Hugo says:

      Got a call from this number. No one was on the other end.

    6. Jarrod says:

      this person is a user. only calls or text when she needs something

    7. Elias says:

      i am interested in the homes and would love to know the location of these homes....

    8. Darrin says:

      This number called me today and the person told me she is in Germany .I'm trying to figure out if that wasn't a lie. The person's name is Connie with the Nick name coco we met on a website named "Twoo "

    9. Stacy says:

      They are calling for my sister in-law who has nerver lived with.Please stop calling!!

    10. Fritz says:

      I just received the same email from the following email address: "WEDP National Institute [Greg_Oneill4@advcom.it]"  This email originates from a domain name "advcom.it"  According to a whois search, here is information regarding that domain's registration so you can let them know that these spam (and possibly fraudulent) emails are originating from this website:

    11. Denver says:

      Just got randomly called at work. Luckily, I don't deal with the public at work, so I can pretty much let anything ring thru to voice mail if I don't recognize the number. It left no message.

    12. Rene says:

      seems like private number i called it back some guy answered but then hung up on me when i questioned him

    13. Peter says:

      Calls himself either Bob Smith or Alex Smith (must be a family business!). Asks for boss's cell phone that I decline to give. Won't leave a message. Calls over and over. Has called about a dozen times over the last couple of weeks.

    14. Abraham says:

      Thank you all for message, first thing i thought of bad news from family in cal. First thing i did was look up no.  also no answer nor massage left.

    15. August says:

      It was a recruiter calling about having me interview for a job.