240-450 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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  • 240-450-1721
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  • 240-450-1735

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    1. Fritz says:

      Calls then hangs up..annoying

    2. Simon says:

      Thats correct...it is a program...not a women

    3. Luke says:


    4. Jack says:

      My charge was for $21.15.  I had e-mailed them last week and never heard back.  Tried calling last week and again today and got voicemail both times.  Did a whois search and found the goldencentryholdings.com website was registered to a Pacific Guzman.  A person of that same name was charged with mortgage fraud in Utah in 2008.  Press release about that can be found here:

    5. German says:

      Beaumont Home Medical RoboCall

    6. Damien says:

      Profile picture for user8912381

    7. Manuel says:

      Landscaping and lawn mowing in Biz

    8. Cletus says:

      Caller ID say Public Safety. Left no message.

    9. Louis says:

      This Jesse Chubb is an idiot.  Do not let people like this "scare" you into anything. Do not fall for the "so-called" legal talk that he tries to use.

    10. Huey says:

      They called and a message kept repeating to please hold then an automated thing said that the call could not be collected and to please call back at another time.

    11. Emile says:

      I just got a phone call and answered her survey questions and I managed to push two buttons in the process. Now I wish I hadn't. She said that Stepping Stone would call in a few days and I now have a credit of $5.00 just for answering their questions. Don't know if they are for real or did I give someone access to something.

    12. Lester says:

      It was a recording and I hung up.

    13. Lenard says:

      310 881 1342 describe themselves as homeorapartment .com; they are some agency who is asking for $175.00 fee to sign up to their website in order to view private listing of homes for lease. They asked me if i wanted to join their list to preview listing, so as soon as I said: " no, thank you" they hung up on me!The advertise all over craigslist: orange county, Los Angeles, San Fernando etc. their adds are fake those houses they advertise DO NOT EXIST!!!!I've done some google search on them and they use 2355 Westwood blvd. LA as their business address, but guess what, their business doesn't exist either! There is some clinic/massage parlor there instead.They are FAKE!!!! FAKE!!! FAKE!!! DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICES!!!!

    14. Moshe says:

      This number belongs to Common Collections Adjusters. They were calling on behalf of Shaw Cable for an understanding debt they said I owed.

    15. Simon says:

      Dont want no call at all from him!!!