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    1. Ferdinand says:

      I did enter a walmart survey

    2. Darell says:

      Just a country boy who still believes in a good hand shake to make a deal(but i could not even do that) so i investigated further and found you guys. thanx  I know about this scam now! I will be on the lookout for more now

    3. Val says:

      When I picked up a machine told me I had won a cruise in a raffle and please hold. When I got connected with a person they asked who they were speaking to, then hung up *immediately* upon hearing my first name...

    4. Adolph says:

      Hang up when u answer when i call back to see who it is they put me on hold but now their calls are goin thru pls fix that i have them as blocked

    5. Brad says:

      Its a porn site... 1800sungsoung.com.... idk why there calling phones.

    6. Clifford says:

      I got the same type of call from an accented man.  He claimed to be from my internet provider. He warns me that my computer was severely infected by virus...and error messages and she could get it to run properly.  I told him that if he were really working for my internet provider He would speak to me in French as I live in Montreal.  I just hung up on him. SCAM

    7. Isiah says:

      spam trying to sell car insurance

    8. Raleigh says:

      No msg left, unknown who it was is

    9. Russell says:

      Online spam for a fake free gift card

    10. Hans says:

      I get this call a couple times a week --I do not or have anthing to do with this person --its is a fake --I have no driver licsence in that state --he is a prank caller

    11. Jasper says:

      texted to buy my car - more tham asking price and send difference back. Sounds like a scam. Don't fall for this one !

    12. Julius says:

      I received a call from this number about a week ago.  A man with a very heavy Indian accent left a message stating that my loan application had been approved (for some ungodly amount of money) and that I needed to call him back to confirm my banking information.  I have not applied for any type of loan so, of course, I did not call back.  I then received a call from the same exact number today (5 days later).  Another heavy Indian accented man left a message stating that either me or my legal representative needed to return the call.  They went on to say that if the call was not returned, good luck to me.  I'm so gullible to believe that the same people who called to give me money now say that I'm in trouble with them less than a week later.  I'm amazed at the lengths that crooks will go to scam people out of their money.  Any call from this number should be viewed as a fraud/scam! I have reported it to the proper authorities in my area.

    13. Sanford says:

      Had this call as well, logged as +1(120)242-7263 7 . Caller rung twice and hung up. Heard it is a solicitation call, do not answer.

    14. Ian says:

      An automated system message from ADT saying that they are going to be in my area for the next 2 weeks giving out free ADT alarm systems. I get these annoying calls almost everyday, Monday - Friday.

    15. Ignacio says:

      Whoever this was, they called asking about my mother. I said that she stepped out and the person made a snide comment about "And you stepped in?". So then I asked who it was and the person said that they were a friend of mine; and then i asked who it was...they wouldn't give me a striaght answer. Luckily my cousin called and I was able to hang up on the guy...