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    1. Marc says:

      Won $ 2.5 mill and a Mercedes. Wants $399 send to Saint Paul, Minnesota.

    2. Jed says:

      Tool salesman hard sell won't take no for an answer. Very pushy!

    3. Gail says:

      Ju ongq dR hhnd gt fhhhbnfk ju km j km s ubi ysihieujjht

    4. Andres says:

      It's a collection agency. They've been calling me for *years* about an ex-wife's unpaid bill.

    5. Danial says:

      Brentwood's Ricotta Heating Repair2446 S Brentwood Blvd Brentwood, MO 63144314-499-0612 http://ricottahvaccontractors.info/contact-us/brentwood-mo/Brentwood's Ricotta Heating Repair is providing reliable Air Conditioning Repair Services in Brentwood. Call for more details.Air Conditioning Contractors, Heating Repair, Heating Contractor, Air Conditioning Repair Service, HVAC Contractor

    6. Jamison says:

      Be very cautious. This person stalks and completely distrustful

    7. Nickolas says:

      Ad trying to solicited high interest loans.

    8. Rolando says:

      Unknown who called me but it was a very inappropriate text message

    9. Jared says:

      somebody call me from this num

    10. Cody says:

      Also received a text asking to add on skype.  it also used my first name, which had me quite puzzled.

    11. Colton says:

      Received unwanted call after I am supposedly on the DO NOT CALL list to lower my interest rate on credit cards.

    12. Bertram says:

      I recieved a text for this number today. It reads: You have been randomly selected for a BestBuy gift. Get your $1000 gift card at www.bestbuy.com.bestwinners1. or g/?id=bcrbrlbfrh. I got online and typed number in, cause i suspected it was scam. what do they accomplish, if i had typed in that internet address?

    13. Danial says:

      I got a phone call from this number 4 times one day. I have no idea who it is and its annoying. Hope something can be done about these people calling so much and when you call it back it doesn't exist.

    14. Hayden says:

      Called here 45 minutes ago. Same screeching noise as last time (now that I read my previous entry from last month). I waited for someone to come on the line & they asked to speak to the person in charge of my commercial PPL (electricity supplier in greater Harrisburg, PA area) account. I replied, "PPL does not service this area." He replied, "Oh, then who do you have?" As I started to say that I don't believe it's any of his business he starts rattling off "Met Ed? Pennelec? PECO?" among others. I assured him that the building owner handles that & his attitude turned snarky. "Well, isn't that just great for you?" I hung up!

    15. Gerardo says:

      I just got a call from this number, but there was no one on the other line.