228-465 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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  • 228-465-5054
  • 228-465-5055
  • 228-465-5056
  • 228-465-5057
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  • 228-465-5061
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    1. Jamison says:

      Be very cautious. This person stalks and completely distrustful

    2. Gerardo says:

      I just got a call from this number, but there was no one on the other line.

    3. Percy says:

      unknown name- didn't answer- left no message on machine

    4. Romeo says:

      Another no answer dialer.....

    5. Tyron says:

      I received several texts from this number, about partying, licentious behavior and it included links to vulgar pictures.

    6. Jordan says:

      A woman called and asked for a family member by name. I asked who was calling and she repeated the request for the person. I asked who was calling two more times and she repeated herself again twice. Then she said, I'll call you back later (person's name) and hung up.

    7. Fidel says:

      Received a text from this number after posting a car ad. Message requested further correspondence to be at his email  walker_mcgill@yahoo.com.

    8. Trenton says:

      i got lots of these same messages and changed my phone number i am in texasand have t-mobile

    9. Napoleon says:

      Sorry for misspelled words. If you recieved a call like this you will probably receive many more from various scammers. If you won something, that means they should already have your information. So why would you have to provide it?

    10. Carmen says:

      robot calls every day. Pretty sure it's a scam. Not a charity call. No answer but "this number has been disconnected etc.

    11. Kyle says:

      I have been getting calls from this company for the last 2 months! Every time the person leaves a message, they claim to be a Jack Williams from Southern Alliance Law Firm and that there is a very serious legal matter against my name and ssn. I actually dealt with similar calls about a year ago, except it was from a different "law firm". At that time, I actually spoke to the guy, requested that he send me the information on these allegations and he refused. TOTAL SCAM. I have filed complaints against both of these companies (perhaps they are actually one in the same) with the federal trade commission and I recommend that everyone else does as well. Here's the link for the FTC complaint assistant

    12. Buster says:

      I'm from Milan, and i've recived a mute call from +44 143-828-3406 too today...

    13. Stewart says:

      Same here this is a Nigerian Fraud he tries so many times the text he sends you is a Google number you get online for texting ,I know this guy he keeps sending me ,he goes to CraigsList dig there and search for items and tries to bargain on the price and then he agrees to buy it asking you for your Paypal account and if you do not have one he even guides you on how to open one,Take the payment write a fake tracking number by USPS and take his payment cause later your payment will get reversed cause he is a hacker that hacks credit cards from many countries and use them

    14. Gaylord says:

      A real jerk, collection agency.

    15. Bennett says:

      Yup...called and left no message this morning but "hello, hello"  I answer every cop organization the same way when they call: Sorry, but I gave a cop 15 years of my life and he left me for someone half my age. I think I've paid my dues there! Then I hang up :-)