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    1. Omar says:

      Calling about a trip. Saying I completed a survey never taken.

    2. Enoch says:

      They've called every day for the last month, and every time I pick up the phone I can hear some moron breathing, then they hang up. I finally had enough and called them back. Stupid Comcast. Our number is listed on the Do Not Call registry and has been for many years, so I don't know why they think they can call my house as they are *not* a none profit. I've looked over the paperwork from when we ordered Internet service from them, and nothing in there indicates that I opted in for promotional phone calls.

    3. Hai says:

      Calling about if you ever been in an accident.

    4. Jamal says:

      During the past few days, we have been receiving calls from this number and nobody answers or hangs up as soobn as we answer.

    5. Herschel says:

      Won't leave a message. Caller ID says "Out of Area". If this is the Church of Scientology, I can understand why they don't identify themselves:

    6. Arron says:

      got one and it said sorry didn't know if you still smoked for free e cig go to www.87cigs.com

    7. Cole says:

      I received 9 phone calls from this number yesterday.A couple of times when I went to answer the phone.they had  already hung up. So, I let the answering machine field the calls. No messages were left.

    8. Cesar says:

      I received a phone call from this number which appeared Unknown name. I answered and waited for the end of the line to answer but nobody answered then it went dead after few seconds..

    9. Brock says:

      these people called me a thousand times a day. Don't pick up.

    10. Rocky says:

      what is it? ...from your web user c

    11. Aldo says:

      Got a call from this number and when i refuse to give info they started speaking another lanuage

    12. Moshe says:

      Do what I do... don't answer your phone unless you recognize the number.  If it's someone you know they'll call you back or leave you a message.

    13. Myles says:

      This is the same type of scam referred to on other numbers on this website like: 786-228-5737.  You receive a text message or phone call indicating that your credit/debit card has been blocked and you are asked to call this number to unblock it.  They will ask for all kinds of information so that they can steal your credit card. DO NOT CALL OR GIVE ANY INFO. SCAM!

    14. Nestor says:

      Never answer for this unknown & irra. Person nbss!

    15. Julian says:

      Went to recorder....heard noise in background.....call released after about 15 seconds.