219-945 Check Owner Of Phone Number

  • 219-945-4216
  • 219-945-4217
  • 219-945-4218
  • 219-945-4219
  • 219-945-4220
  • 219-945-4221
  • 219-945-4222
  • 219-945-4223
  • 219-945-4224
  • 219-945-4225
  • 219-945-4226
  • 219-945-4227
  • 219-945-4228
  • 219-945-4229
  • 219-945-4230
  • 219-945-4231
  • 219-945-4232
  • 219-945-4233
  • 219-945-4234
  • 219-945-4235
  • 219-945-4236
  • 219-945-4237
  • 219-945-4238
  • 219-945-4239
  • 219-945-4240
  • 219-945-4241
  • 219-945-4242
  • 219-945-4243
  • 219-945-4244
  • 219-945-4245
  • 219-945-4246

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    1. Santiago says:

      Pretend that they call from utility company. Asking that you own debt from previous month. Its a magic jack number.

    2. Dion says:

      called late at nite 9pm, no message left

    3. Glenn says:

      This phone number just called and left a message saying my Walgreens prescription is ready.  I called Walgreens to make sure I didn't have anything ready (used to get my meds there, had to switch to CVS) and I was told nothing was prescribed.

    4. Michel says:

      also its the same people with different numbers. how they get all your info is because if you go on line to sign up for any loans it goes out to thousands of people over the internet and from that they are running with all your info . that was a lesson learned with me so do not sign up for anything on the net

    5. Antony says:

      This number called my business today, but I get the same message from other numbers. The automated message began with "attention gift shop owner" but from the looks of it, they change the industry based on whatever business they are contacting. The rest of the message says we are pre-approved for some type of credit card processing, blah blah blah. I stopped listening after a while because it was wasting too much of my time.

    6. Reuben says:

      Liberty national about a job.......it is pyramid scheme

    7. Napoleon says:

      I asked who it was and he barked a name that I could tell he made up on the spot. Then I asked him about the nature of the call and he started getting annoyed- said I had called them about a service then asked for a "Mr." I said there was none and he hung up.

    8. Micheal says:

      They called and claimed that they from OCS law firm.. (something like that) and provided the last 4 digit with name. Beware..

    9. Mohammad says:

      call about "electric bill" 100% spam

    10. Arnulfo says:

      Caller told me her name was Veronica Medina, an "authorized representative of Qwest Corporation," which I seriously doubt. She asked for the person (in our office) who handles the telephone account, and then for the office manager. I claimed to be neither because I didn't want to give her any information. I have had these kinds of calls before. They claim they can save you money on your long distance charges, then tack on an extra $20 to your telephone bill each month.

    11. Cameron says:

      I got a call from phone number 302-722-4574 this morning and no one left a message. So I googled the number and found all these things about this number..I am glad I never answered.

    12. Houston says:

      Does nebody know this number

    13. Cleveland says:

      Credit card rate offers...every time I answer these calls, which come from various different area codes I push 1 to talk to someone & tell them to take me off there call list I get hung up on!! This does nothing but make me very angry!!

    14. Glenn says:

      Advertisement for home security

    15. Rico says:

      They keep calling harassing me about some Wallace person and I keep telling them that's not me wrong Damn number