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    1. Kyle says:

      This number called and says they have legal documents thar they need to deliver and want 2 forms of id when they deliver.....there is no company that can require that for delivery from a courier service and legal documents I have never heard of being delivered this way

    2. Gonzalo says:

      Kijiji Scam. Regretably fell for it. I feel like a goddamned moron.

    3. Larry says:

      Direct Buy telemarketers

    4. Morgan says:

      it said for me to move out of sherdian

    5. Leopoldo says:

      This is an scam please dont go though wit anything he has to say. Hes only tryna take your money

    6. Raymundo says:

      Law Office of Cameron Roe

    7. Vincenzo says:

      I got a text from this number saying, hi Ernie

    8. Silas says:

      This number registered to Marlo Cruz

    9. Titus says:

      this number shows as Credit services, they call my 84 year old mother and say they have 'urgent' information about her credit card. I have filed a complaint with the NC Attorney General's office.

    10. Emmitt says:

      Got a call, this number was on the caller ID.  The guy asked if I was home but then when my wife said yes, he did not respond.  When she asked after a moment if he needed to talk to me, he got mad and started blathering on about phone edicate and how it's assumed that when you ask if someone is home that they should put them on.  He then hung up.  The caller ID number is a spoof number and not where the call comes from,  If you dial it, it tells you the number has been disconnected.

    11. Fidel says:

      Same story as everyone else, the say credit card services, but when you start asking them specifics they hang up, I even asked, why does this number show up on google as a scam he said "It shouldn't" I said well wait while I get online and I will read you what it says and he h.up

    12. Vicente says:

      Something about education

    13. Pasquale says:

      Hoax, do not fall for. Criminal activity

    14. Darwin says:

      one text, so i blocked all texting on my phone.

    15. Rogelio says:

      Debt collector for my daughter. I told not to call n won't quit