217-221 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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  • 217-221-6077
  • 217-221-6078
  • 217-221-6079
  • 217-221-6080
  • 217-221-6081
  • 217-221-6082
  • 217-221-6083
  • 217-221-6084
  • 217-221-6085
  • 217-221-6086
  • 217-221-6087
  • 217-221-6088
  • 217-221-6089
  • 217-221-6090
  • 217-221-6091
  • 217-221-6092
  • 217-221-6093
  • 217-221-6094
  • 217-221-6095
  • 217-221-6096
  • 217-221-6097
  • 217-221-6098
  • 217-221-6099
  • 217-221-6100
  • 217-221-6101
  • 217-221-6102
  • 217-221-6103
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  • 217-221-6106

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    1. Quintin says:

      They are trying to give away "free" info on how to further your education.  Call them back, and they will take you off their list.

    2. Reggie says:

      don't let him call or text

    3. Garfield says:

      got a call from them a week ago where they gave me a short 'survey'... questions like 'do you recycle?' 'do you shop for groceries?' called me back today, told me that i had won a vacation voucher to jasper, or a slap chop. told them i wasn't interested. glad i looked it up... they will probably ...

    4. Brady says:

      I called number back and they answered as "CDW"

    5. Colby says:

      Andrea if u see this I'm sorry. I'm sorry for hurting ur feelings & acting immature. I'm sorry that I acted tht way.Its b/c I really liked u. I ment u that 1 day in the bus 4 the field trip 2 the college in Maryland, n Idk y, I had fell for u by the end of the day. U seemed different.U seemed to understand me.& I felt comfrtble w/ u. Whn u said u had a man, my heartbroke & I acted stupid. Lo siento con todo de mi corazon.U mayb changed ur #, but I pray 2 God u see this. U stil on my mind, almos 8 months later. Nunca me siento asi. I wrote afew songs about & for u.If u ever c this, or sm1 who kno u, plz give me a call. 3024827202 You will b surprise how much I changed. Im so sory, & not a day passes when I don't think of u. Siempre pienso en ti,me duele el corazon, but I can't help it. Andrea, I hope we can talk again someday. Mayb soon, or in a while. But just know that u always got a special place in my heart. Sincerely, Alexander Pagan Jr. 11/13/12

    6. Morgan says:

      i have received a call from this number multiple of times. i do not answer any calls from numbers i do not know. i get other numbers too. did not know what to do. i am on the do not call list as also my landline. but get toll free calls there all the time. will have to get ahold of the FTC website and complain. thanks

    7. Kurtis says:

      Pontiac Coffee Break Inc.

    8. Lindsay says:

      they have called me twice now at 7:20pm and 8:25pm two different days. no message. I don't answer unknown calls.

    9. Tristan says:

      This is a collection agency. Someone with a siimilar name defaulted on a student loan. I told her it wasn't me.

    10. Wilbur says:

      She runs escort service an rips her employees off. She is a fraud and con artists. Beware she talks a good game then rips u off right in front of u. This is only warning I'm adding.

    11. Hiram says:

      I also just got a text from this number asking me if my boat was still for sale. Same email as above - ashleywalters45@gmail.com. Sounds like Ashley really likes boats! I'm glad I Googled this number first.

    12. Hobert says:

      Called and did not leave any message

    13. Burt says:

      This is spam I have my number on the national do not call list!

    14. Edwin says:

      Called me more than 5 times in a week to try and offer me money/loan. I even have my number on the do not call list.

    15. Florencio says:

      Who knows how to avoid a Spam Caller?