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    1. Cedrick says:

      Salliemae is the number the machine says to call.

    2. Gayle says:

      I got a call from this same "company" this morning. The guy started asking me my home security and whether or not if mine was under contract with a home security company. After I curtly replied that I had big dogs and guns and hung up on him, it got me to thinking that it might be someone phishing for info on potential burglary targets. That's why I've searched this number online and found this site - I HATE all of these reverse phone lookup services that want you to pay for it! Anyone else suspicious about this phone number? Is it a credibe business?

    3. Jonas says:

      Unknown number - I don't answer numbers I don't recognize!

    4. Pierre says:

      i got a few calls from this number and when i call back they don't answer

    5. Raul says:

      I have gotten at least 8 calls in the after noon and at least 4 calls at night. I have also received 2 calls at 3 a.m from this number. Please if possible help me from getting them from calling.

    6. Fredrick says:

      Said that my credit card needed to be replaced -- etc. Reported them.

    7. Collin says:

      unidentified caller who calls, does not leave message.  This is very annoying.  Can someone stop these unsolicited calls???

    8. Otha says:

      also its the same people with different numbers. how they get all your info is because if you go on line to sign up for any loans it goes out to thousands of people over the internet and from that they are running with all your info . that was a lesson learned with me so do not sign up for anything on the net

    9. Spencer says:

      They've been calling my cell phone off and on for a couple of months. Recorded message regarding installing security equipment. They should be put out of business.

    10. Odell says:

      Called 4 times a day for 3 days then finally left msg for a reminder for my doct appt. Weird.

    11. Matthew says:

      AFI Bail Bond Jackson - Free Information

    12. Jules says:

      that same number on my caller id says "georgia" they never leave a message nor speak when i answer its like retarded prank calling. if they are trying to scam me outta money good luck ....id have to have money to take first..lol

    13. Marco says:

      I've been getting phone calls from this number for weeks. I wish they would stop.

    14. Kristofer says:

      I don't understand why I'm getting these calls where nobody speaks a word! What's the best way to get rid of these calls?

    15. Ariel says:

      Idaho medical bill collector.