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    1. Marcus says:

      Registered to Jasper Stull.being used for political calls

    2. Leon says:

      Got spam text today. "Chase is offering $1500 cash loans deposited within 2hrs. NO credit checks or faxing! Get the money today by applying...

    3. Curtis says:

      I got a text from this number, saying hi and my name. I responded and they said add me on yahoo chat with the id, txtchikie88. I asked again who this was and they said they had to go because their phone was going to die. I can say that I was a bit scared that they new my name.

    4. Les says:

      At&t competitor trying to switch you to them

    5. Donovan says:

      Keeps calling hangs up after the first or second ring

    6. Dwight says:

      trying to reduce credit card debt. I asked to be taken off the call list and they hung up.

    7. Hosea says:

      Integrity Solution Services

    8. Curtis says:

      For the past couple of months I too have gotten calls from 111-019-1013 regarding a windows problem.  I too, cannot understand him and have asked several times not to be call and that I would record and report his calls.

    9. Darrel says:

      I recieved harrassing calls from this number. whoever this person is, she is a mental person with problems and she need professional help.

    10. Anderson says:

      Got a call today and yesterday, it says it's from Georgetown, DE

    11. Filiberto says:

      got this weird call dont know who or what its from

    12. Irwin says:

      BEWARE!!! Missed a call from this number and got a robo message saying it was a call from WN Positions an employment manager and that I took an online employment survey, which I did not. When it started to try to get personal information from me I hung up. I searched online about WN Positions and everything came up that it is a phishing scam.

    13. Hai says:

      Also, got a call this morning from a david banks.  requesting me to call him back asap.  He needed to speak to me or my attorney regarding some check fraud.

    14. Herschel says:

      Got text messages after posting ads on craigslist.   wanna buy it.

    15. Clarence says:

      678-202-0123 and 213-784-5736 are the same damn f****ards that keep calling in spanish. and asking, do you speak spanish.  Get on the DO NOT CALL LIST, if your not, and file a complaint at