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    1. Edmundo says:

      I also had a call saying I owed on a loan that I didn't take out...when I asked him to send or fax me documentation he got real nasty...now I am calling him daily and asking him how he likes to be harrassed and how much money he made that day with scamming people..I only worry about the elderly falling for this and actually give them money...he needs to be stopped

    2. Eric says:

      I am from san diego also. yesterday i got 2 calls from this number. today i got 3 more calls from this number. when i tried picking it up today,nobody answered. all i heard was a clicking noise. how can i stop this?

    3. Matt says:

      Stop this number from leaving voice mail harassing me

    4. Larry says:

      Scam Received automated call, implies its from your credit card company does not mention any names, emeditate attention required to lower rates. pressed the 1 asked how the fraud business was and hung up.

    5. Octavio says:

      A woman spoke in Spanish, it was a recording.  Don't know what she said since i don't speak Spanish.

    6. Erich says:


    7. Hai says:

      I’m from Montana and got this call on my cell. Recorded message says it is a public opinion poll and you could win two all expenses paid tickets to Nassau, Bahamas if you answer the 10 questions. Shortly after the recorded message, call disconnects. No questions are asked. Very bizarre. Unclear what the motivation is behind the calls. Called back and got busy signal. If you can please report them to www.donotcall.gov the more that report them the better.

    8. Augustine says:

      you block from talking to me bye

    9. Delmer says:

      This number have been calling me between 3 to 4 times a day. The worse part, nobody is at the other side of the freaking phone.

    10. Javier says:

      I received a text from (323) 303-9483, that read: Dear Target shopper, your purchase this last month won a thousand dollar Gift Card. Please click www.1KLINK.com to claim.

    11. Sydney says:

      i am interased in one of the homes

    12. Eddy says:

      They can help with irs ...I don't owe the irs??

    13. Bart says:

      Ongoing calls at my home phone, which is registered on the Do Not Call list. No message ever left.

    14. Norberto says:

      His name is Jesse and he keeps texting me and calling me and saying when he kills himself I get his daughter and his business. About each day I get 40 missed calls from him.

    15. Garth says:

      Left message. Supposedly calling from a law firm looking for someone that I don't know.