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    1. Alex says:

      Just dint kno how to call once an then calllll right back with a different number stop call me

    2. Stefan says:

      i received a call from these people as well. SEVERAL, they kept talking about a subscription of magazines (that i had no clue about). I explained that i was not getting any mail about a subscription or magazines and they would hang up. so I humored one of the men who called and let him chatter on about this subscription and then asked for his supervisor. He said she would have to call back. WELL when she called, it was from AT&T directories (i called it back) she was asking for my expiration date on my mastercard i didn't give it to her. She was really disrespectful and said apparently i had signed up and missed the cancel date on this subscription (which was 5 years) and she "cannot and will not cancel" my subscription. I asked for her info and she said "ok" and hung up.... definately fraud people. Also phone number 239-257-2048 was another with the same people. I save them under "fraud" so I know better lol.

    3. Rueben says:

      Hey did you not realize the state of the economy?  Did you not know that bad things happen to good people?  I sure hope you never have to experience the loss of income, the death of a loved one or any other tragic accident that causes people to get behind on their bills.  In fact, why are you in this forum if you too did not receive a call from this number?  I suggest unless you are that far above life and life's circumstances that you not presume everyone who owes a debt is a dead beat.  In fact, why don't you pay the debt for everyone who has been victimized from the credit crisis and pay their 30% loan shark interest rates to the credit cards that are sticking it to the good hard working American's who keep bailing out the credit card companies and banks, who continue to make lending harder and continue to spiral our financial economy into a depression!!!

    4. Evan says:

      no one on the line- just started to get calls from 610 828-301-7721, and then 610-285-8558. if any one knows what this is about please e-mail me at big.guy.joe@hotmail.com

    5. Jeffry says:

      I received a call from this number 315 688-5031

    6. Augustine says:

      Someone by the name of Brian L. called my place of business yesterday and left a message stating it was EXTREMELY URGENT that I return their call. They called from 347-960-0615. When I returned the call it was someone with a strong accent stating he was with, PCS Pacific Law Firm (if I understood it correctly)? I had him spell it 4 times and I'm still not sure if it's correct. He said if I did not pay today, they would take legal action and I would have to go to court with many addtional fees! Also gave me a case #. Long story short...this is a SCAM! Do NOT give them your info! VERT Frustrating!!!

    7. Rodney says:

      How can I know if this number is real?

    8. Teodoro says:

      They asked me about a survey.

    9. Eldridge says:

      When you add your number to the DoNotCall list you will start to get more calls. Don't understand that unless they are selling your number like the rest the of the crooks out there.

    10. Tanner says:

      Have gotten phone calls 2 days in a row around same time, no message left.

    11. Rigoberto says:

      They called me three times, the creepers.

    12. Abdul says:

      got a call from this no but no voice who is calling dont know

    13. Maxwell says:

      I did not give my phone number to any company but their calling me!

    14. Hong says:

      blowing up my phone don't know what hanging up does not work keep calling me

    15. Julian says:

      Have had too many calls from this number to list and we are also registered on the do not call list. Why are they not stopped!!!