212-839 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Leon says:

      He text me then claimed that he didn't. who is this?

    2. Rex says:

      This is to remind all of you out there trying to find an internet job. Please do not fall for these advertisement, they are false and trying to get your money! While I was talking with someone who called from 801-878-0089 monetary Inc, I quickly looked it up and a complaint came up  talking about the same number, same monetary Inc. Once I read it that it is a scam I stopped the man and said look, I will call you back. I think they are the same with the one that promise you to send you some links, and one you make a payment they lock you out of the site. Even though they paid back my money they are still trying to get me to cheat me out of my money. They are based in Utah, and i know one day they will go down big time. When you read positive results, they are the ones writing them. What they are doing is theft. They use all these different kinds of names when calling people so that they can deceive them. Please some one need to investigate this monetary Inc. It was disgusting as I sat there listening to the man I knew he was trying to get my hard earned money or put me into debt by trying to persuade me to use a credit card to secure my online business. Thank God i figured it out very quick.

    3. Jeff says:

      This number is from Med Tech. DO NOT request info from them unless you are 100% positive you want to attend that school. THEY WILL CALL AND HARASS YOU NONSTOP! I have requested them to stop calling me countless times and I still get phone calls multiple times a day! BEWARE! They also call from this number 855-229-4359.

    4. Frederick says:

      Received call at 6:35am today from the same number claiming to be Microsoft Support that my computer has been hacked and they have tried calling me for days but could only get my answering machine (funny they never left a message and I've been home ).  Lady with Indian accent. Told me to go to computer and we could quickly look at the problem.  It was an Unknown Caller and I asked for the phone # so that I can call back .  Thanks to whoever started this post.

    5. Quinton says:

      Showed up as "Seats LLC" on caller ID. Suspect job recruiter.

    6. Kelvin says:

      this number which company number

    7. Thanh says:

      Dynamic recovery solution

    8. Landon says:

      Got the same call... who the heck is trying to catch this fool???

    9. Raul says:

      This does not make it a Legitimate Call when I neither asked for the phone book or the call.  The phone book by the way was a cheap piece of crap from Verizon listing only business numbers.  You don't suppose they were doing it to sell ads do you?  Nah!

    10. Jacob says:

      Was a recording asking me to hold...I hung up

    11. Dannie says:

      I plan on hunting down this group,finding the actual person who is assigned to call my phone number 4 times a day and killing him. I will then systematically kill his entire office group until I reach the CEO of this company that is involved with these unsolicited intrusive calls! I will find them, as I have a certain set of skills in locating people like this. The day has come and gone for civility and being friendly. Good luck to the company that has this phone number of (314) 737-4546 your days on earth are numbered!

    12. Elisha says:

      they threatened me as well after I told them I wasn't the person they were looking for.

    13. Demarcus says:

      Recording of a guy that said deposit 1000010000

    14. Daniel says:

      A Pakistani solicitor or phisher.

    15. Brice says:

      same thing like "a web user" siad.