212-301 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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  • 212-301-0714
  • 212-301-0715
  • 212-301-0716
  • 212-301-0717
  • 212-301-0718
  • 212-301-0719
  • 212-301-0720
  • 212-301-0721
  • 212-301-0722
  • 212-301-0723
  • 212-301-0724
  • 212-301-0725
  • 212-301-0726
  • 212-301-0727
  • 212-301-0728
  • 212-301-0729
  • 212-301-0730
  • 212-301-0731
  • 212-301-0732
  • 212-301-0733
  • 212-301-0734
  • 212-301-0735
  • 212-301-0736
  • 212-301-0737
  • 212-301-0738
  • 212-301-0739
  • 212-301-0740
  • 212-301-0741
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  • 212-301-0743

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    1. Boris says:

      got the same message from steve miller at 201 204 0022 on 2/14/08. random!  maybe not!

    2. Columbus says:

      i was texted about 8 times by someone i dont know

    3. Emory says:

      Rainbow vacuum cleaner salesmen.

    4. Douglas says:

      Caller ID said Detroit Lakes - I have signed up for Opt-out and should not be receiving these calls. Thanks.

    5. Duncan says:

      This number keeps appearing on my 17 year old daughters cell phone. They were asking for a Brady Henley, not two minutes earlier she got a call asking for a Vicki Henley. Tried to call back and stated that this telephone number is not available from my calling area. Think I will report it to the Minnesota Attorney Generals Office!

    6. Ned says:

      Franklin credit. from past expierences. Bill Not due till 15th and I get calls everyday . 1 from people who never leave a message, and computers who do not leave a message and both hang up as soon as you answer. I was told by one guy who would not give me his name or phone #, that they call from 14 days BEFORE you are due to make sure they get their payment.

    7. Jamie says:

      Same here,got a text with LOL lol followed by a bitly link with my name in it--- didn't go to link on my phone but checked to verify on my laptop, and sure enough, the link led to a malware infected page according to my anti-virus.  

    8. Marlon says:

      Received a call from this number but did not answer it - identified by ringing 1471. So glad to have found the number and comments here as it was puzzling me who it could be...obviously nothing important!

    9. Cleveland says:

      Called 9 times since about 11:30

    10. Rocco says:

      They keep calling not leaving a message

    11. Garth says:

      It was a recording,about my credit cards.

    12. Johnson says:

      they call my phone several times a day.. today 3 alone.. they asked me some question i said no.. then he said no to what, and i asked to be taken of their list and his response was @#$% you #%^&*.. seriously is it that big of deal to ask to be taken off their list??

    13. Sang says:

      These people whom ever they are are rude and calls are undesired yet even though I've blocked them with mr number they still manage to get through

    14. Tory says:

      targeting senior citizens. offering a $3000 certificate for groceries. Free. scam, scam.

    15. Lou says:

      Received a call from this number--woman on the line said she was with Bank of America and offering a new service. About 8:00pm my time--curious how she'd be calling that late as it was past 11:00pm her time. Sounds fishy.