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    1. Neal says:

      St Louis Mantle's Moving Company 3502 Cozens Ave St Louis, MO 63106F 3145270121 FAX] www.mantlesmovingco.com When you need movers in St. Louis we get the job completed more professionally, efficiently, and affordable than our competition. Mantle's Moving Company can pack and move you better than anyone else. Moving Companies, Movers, Piano Movers, Office Movers, Moving & Storage Service.

    2. Emmitt says:

      I didn't get a call from this number, but it was a link in an email sent to me, supposedly representing  amazon.com to notify me of an order I cancelled.I could click on this number to view  the canceled transaction. i hadn't placed an order so I logged onto my account and viewed the past 30 days activity and I had none, I just wonder what would have happened had I clicked on that link( of course I won't).....just beware. this is a number from somewhere in india.

    3. Roderick says:

      Received an urgent email from this number claiming to be Wells Fargo. I do not bank with Wells Fargo, and did not call the number. Looks like a scam to me.

    4. Carmine says:

      Told him he had the wrong number & he still tried to lower my interest. ..I'm not the person he's looking for

    5. Moses says:

      weird mssg abo finding a phone w my number on text mssg hystory, prerecorded message. scam

    6. Myles says:

      Keep this confidential. He has info on me annd this is a red flag!

    7. Cedric says:

      Called my home- didnt answer-no vm on the phone!!   hahahahah

    8. Robin says:

      Honda follow up survey...I dont own a Honda!

    9. Nicky says:

      Same number now t hey are trying to sell (withFDIC approval) haha-waist management disposal shares of new stock. Operator female broken English will gladly connect you to one of the CEO's for explaining how to get these new offerings of its shares. BYE

    10. Benjamin says:

      Keeps disturbing with calls but won't say anything.

    11. Jae says:

      Left message to tell me I have been qualified for a target gift card.

    12. Christoper says:

      Sends bible quotes. These are not wanted.

    13. Earnest says:

      Their customer service # is 1-866-432-4100 if anyone wants to give 'em a call and get off the list.  Remember to document when you talked with them so if they keep calling you can report them!

    14. Junior says:

      this phone number has called me three times in a row today and all i hear when i pick it up is a fax.

    15. Logan says:

      The funny thing is that when they call my number, they ask for  a Richard Quall. I am female so they knwo I am not a Richard. When I tell them they have the wrong number they ask me what my name is and I, of course, don't tell them. They call several times a day, but only randomly once every few months.