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    1. Boyce says:

      repeated calls from this number, sometimes twice a day and often after 9 pm local pacific time.  After listening for about a minute and asking who is calling and getting no reply they hang up.  Does anyone have a way of stopping calls from this number?  When I call back the number directly I get a recording stating that this phone number "is no longer in service".

    2. Loyd says:

      Complimentary concierge service? Huh? I am 55 & not interested! A class in horror makeup? Ok! Sign me up!!

    3. Tobias says:

      I answered this call today.  It is the Sierra Club calling about high

    4. Huey says:

      Interested who is this number registered with.

    5. Sol says:

      spam crap about visa @mastercard

    6. Emile says:

      828-305-7306, caller ID. no name, recording.

    7. Hiram says:

      Scam for a medical alert system. Hang up on them with Mr. Number :)

    8. Jame says:

      the usual scammers at 828-251-4403 with an illegal unsolicited fax

    9. Adan says:

      Trying to collect money donations over the phone.

    10. Rudolf says:

      Someone from 302-394-6669 keeps calling. When I pick up the phone, nobody answers. When I check the caller ID system, it is apparent that they have called several times. Presently, this type of call is unknown; however, the "method" of calling, without leaving a message, is harassment! If it is important, and one picks up the phone, AND THEY DO NOT ANSWER, something is fishy! When I do an internet search, I obtain the following information about them: PEERLESS NETWORK OF DELAWARE, LLC - DE. Definitely, this is phony!

    11. Ernesto says:

      don't know who the hell this is

    12. Ned says:

      I got a call from this number too  no voicemail

    13. Shannon says:

      TAN travel network guy wanting to buy my timeshare.

    14. Barney says:

      I recieved the first call while at work today , an Indian man , couldnt understand him and he would give me no information. a j*** off, on my way home my office man called and said he called again - she said it was prolly a scam since her friend had did the same thing before. THen I got a call tonite from him and he was say ing " good luck" jerk! my husband called back and the Indian woman was saying the same s***. he asked how much would it be to stop? (knowing it was a scam) and she said $445. - on $5000 bill? yeah right. what an a**!!

    15. Ulysses says:

      When I call back the number is always disconnected, I tries to call three times and had the same result.