209-352 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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  • 209-352-4640
  • 209-352-4641
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    1. Scottie says:

      Thanks for posting. I received two calls from this number this week, after taking my Toyota for service earlier this week. PITA.

    2. Waldo says:

      calls about lowering credit card payments

    3. Antone says:

      Some recording trying to sell stuff, I didn't listen to the whole thing.

    4. Dirk says:

      Es una persona k molesta mucho

    5. Darius says:

      I received a miss call from this number today.

    6. Lucien says:

      Block calls from and to this number

    7. Jarrod says:

      I recieved a call from that number at 7:30 last night. My kids and I were watching something so we did not answer. The person said that they wanted to talk to me. He said he was sorry for breaking my heart and wanted to apologize....he just wanted me back, he didn't care about my kids or my husband he just loves me and is heartbroken???? So ok I think a couple of my friends have put someone up to this and didn't think much of it. When they denied it I *69'd the number and got "sorry this phone is not in service" Seems the person knew something of my personal life??? Very Strange.......

    8. Jefferey says:

      IPad IPod free trail crap

    9. Nicolas says:

      He stay wit momma an aint got no $

    10. Clifton says:

      It makes me so happy when people misspell words while commenting on misspelled words in other posts :)  Oh, and this number called me. I don't know why people get all up in arms about unknown numbers calling.  I just ignore it, then come here to see if there is a post about who it was. If not, I have more important things in my life to think about.

    11. Eldridge says:

      This moving company called me to confirm the date of my move and informed me the moving plan they have set for me. Here is their informationBoise Movers 1704 N. 17 St. Boise, ID 83702 Phone (208) 297-3001 Movers, Moving Company, Affordable movers, Boise Movers, Boise Moving Company

    12. Jeremy says:

      I've got those calls recently from 207-377-7914 on day time and night time after 9:00 pm>I didn't pick up this call so strange number, but still call up to my phone. so annoying me. I want them stop incoming call to my cell. I report unwanted call.

    13. Ahmed says:

      Political spam No call list! What is the use?!?!

    14. Roman says:

      A supposed Kevin Parker from 'windows' is calling - saying he needs access to your computer to see if it has been infiltrated by online scams corrupting your windows files and/or gaining access to personal information. Local computer Tech says this is a scam.. had heard of similiar phone calls. In fact my aunt - within the hour I received my call, also received the exact same phone call. I told him I'd check his credentials and call him back. Never has... It is a scam to rob you.

    15. Barrett says:

      Can your give me, who register at number + 1 209 243 5828