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    1. Jamel says:

      Speaking spanish then phone hangs up.

    2. Marcelo says:

      That "was" our number.  Some hacker got it and called all over the US.  Hundreds of calls started "returning our calls".  Per the phone company it is called "Caller ID Spoofing" and the only way to stop it is to either have your phone disconnected or get a new number.  We elected to get a new number.  I am sorry to everyone for this unfortunate situation.  Unfortunately, some jerks have nothing better to do.

    3. Pat says:

      They told me they was calling from blue cross blue shield

    4. Glenn says:

      left no message.  Tried to call back  # disconnected

    5. Orval says:

      It is the number to Hogwarts...but i didn't know that Hogwarts was in Pennsylvania....

    6. Errol says:

      This person has called a few times, leaving a message asking for a work reference about someone whom has never worked for me... The caller's accent is thick and renders the diction virtually incomprehensible; this does not sound like a genuine work reference inquiry.

    7. Omer says:

      Yep! I've been getting the same calls as everyone else...except I never answer the phone because I don't know what area code 210 is and I won't answer it. But decided it was fishy when my company phone log doesn't have a call back # listed on the screen AND no voicemail every time. So I Googled it and saw all this. I have an "ignore" button on my work phone, so I guess I'll just keep ignoring. It's annoying, but unfortunately these jerks find a way every time.

    8. Fermin says:

      I don't know today i got it saying about a brand new watch to my wardrobe for just 100$. WTF?

    9. Jon says:

      Scotts lawn service(St. Louis area)

    10. Lamont says:

      This caller keeps calling me but I have no business with them. They wont stop calling my number. My caller ID just says "Texas Call"

    11. Carroll says:

      hey i saw all ur conversation. dis is my  email add  are4love2003@yahoo.com. lets chat on yahoo.

    12. Enoch says:

      I was called 5 times yesterday by an unknown number. The 5th time I answered and a lady (very difficult to understand with her accent) said that my computer has been compromised and junk mail was being deposited into my computer from other sources/people. She said that if I would allow her to remotely hook into my computer and tell her my iv license she would remove the junk mail and restore my computer to the way I had it. She did not introduce herself or who she worked for so I asked her phone number and the company name. She said the number is 201-616-0007, the company is PC Security, and they were based in CA. I said that I would have someone call her back that could better understand what she was saying. She immediately said that she would call back in one hour. When checking, the number is a New Jersey number and PC Security came under Domain University in CA. I am sure this is a scam! Beware!

    13. Eliseo says:

      They did not say anything.

    14. Lamont says:

      Actually there is an easy way. Next time hear the voice message till the end, it says press 1 to answer the survey or 3 to be removed from our list.

    15. Bryan says:

      Wanting me to buy something